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early ruler of Egypt who rejected the old gods and replaced them with sun worship (died in 1358 BC)

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It is one thing to ponder the vexed issue of a possible coregency between Amunhotep II and his son Akhenaton in slightly over two pages of text followed by one and one half pages of detailed bibliography.
The affirmation of the monotheistic nature of the religion of ancient Egypt brings in the question of the assessment of the reform of Akhenaton.
As wholesalers it makes all the difference when we went to Europe, Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar," said Mohammad Ahmad, a salesman at Akhenaton, which sells papyrus paintings and wall tapestries.
Artists in the last ten years such as La Rumeur, Diam's, Abd al Malik, Java, or Akhenaton, among others, confirm the position held by hip hop in contemporary French popular music.
Neste intercurso o autor prescreve algumas disjuncoes na historia do mundo, caracterizadas por personagens como o Farao Akhenaton (sec.
The 18th Dynasty, to which King Tutankhamun and his father, Akhenaton belonged, was considered the golden age of the pharaohs.
The tablets were found at the site of the Egyptian capital built by Akhenaton, the heretic pharaoh who insisted on monotheism and sought to abolish the Egyptian pantheon.
During history these tendencies sometimes resulted in single god cults, such as Akhenaton in Egypt.
The toe of King Akhenaton, which was stolen in 1907 during an examination of the pharaoh's bones, was returned during a signing ceremony for an agreement
It is thought that Tutankhamen's father was the pharaoh Akhenaton, who ruled Egypt for 17 years alongside Queen Nefertiti.
It is generally believed that Tutankhamen's father was Akhenaton, the pharaoh best remembered for having converted his kingdom to monotheism with the worship of one god, Aton, the god of sun.
Its central figure was the eighteenth-dynasty pharaoh who attempted to substitute the worship of a single god, Aton (the sun), for deeply imbedded polytheism and so called himself Akhenaton, devotee of the sun.
Papiro Harris 500 y en la tumba de Paatenemheb en Saqqara, perteneciente al reinado de Akhenaton (Lichtheim, 1973: 194-195).
1353-1335 Akhenaton crea una efimera religion monoteista basada en Aton, el dios-Sol.
In an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding King Tut's family and discover the identity of his father, we find that there are some archeologists who strongly suggest that this is most probably King Akhenaton," said Dr Hawass.