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a Loloish language


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(37) At the time, nine upland minority groups were designated as Hill tribes (Akha, Hmong, H'Tin, Iu-Mien, Karen/Pwakanyaw, Khamu, Lahu, Lisu, and Lua/Lawa).
21 Nekoofar M, Sadeghi K, Sadighi Akha E, Namazikhah M.
Baharana Sahib consists of Jyot (oil lamp), Misiri (crystal Sugar), Fota (cardamom), Fal (fruits), and Akha.
Maryam Mobini (1), MD; Ozra Akha (1), MD; Hafez Fakheri (2), MD; Hadi Majidi (3), MD; Sanam Fattahi (4), MD
A-POE-la-pi is an elderly member of the Akha, a hill tribe people who live on the mountain ranges of Yunman Province in China.
"I never dreamed I would see him in my lifetime," said Meo, an 81-year-old from the Akha minority in Shan state.
[13.] Akha O, Kashi Z, Poor AS, Zadeh ZT, Zakeri HR.
Lisa See's enlightening new novel offers her readers multiple storylines, each of which focuses on the engaging character of LiYan, a member of the Akha tribe of Yunnan Province, one of China's ethnic minorities.
Two of the authors (AKhA and VRG) assessed staining independently, which was scored from 0 to ++++ for number of positive epithelial cells and for intensity of staining.
Akha et al., "A 15q13.3 microdeletion segregating with autism," European Journal of Human Genetics, vol.
The TAEC museum houses four permanent exhibitions representing the country's most well-known ethnic groups--the Akha, Hmong, Tai Lue, and Kmhmu.
Sturgeon, J.C., Governing minorities and development in Xishuangbanna, China: Akha and Dai rubber farmers as entrepreneurs.
For example, interviews in Chiang Rai among the Akha (5) sex worker community revealed that female sex workers often trusted their mama sans.
In Beyond Fair Trade, Mark Pendergrast focuses on Inow tine Doi Chaang Coffee Company--a joint venture between the Akha people in Northern Thailand and a former Canadian mining venture capitalis t--has impacted the lives of tribal people living in the village of Doi Chang.
A comparative study on medicinal plants used in Akha's traditional medicine in China and Thailand, cultural coherence or ecological divergence?