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a Kwa language spoken in Ghana and the Ivory Coast

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Fitch memperkirakan EBITDA margin akan tetap stabil sekitar 8% dalam jangka menengah.
Appah (forthcoming) has shown that three of the five types of exocentric compounds posited by Bauer (2008, 2010) are attested in Akan.
Sin embargo, el origen de los esclavos transportados a la colonia cambia pronto y las lenguas del grupo akan (twi, fante, asante, entre otras) se convierten en las mas importantes, seguidas por las lenguas del grupo gbe.
follows on the success of its 2013 edition focused solely on Turkey and features some of the region's most talented designers in custom furniture, home accessories, and carpeting including Nada Debs of Lebanese origin, Nina Seirafi and Mir Mola Soraya from Iran, and Erdem Akan, Ilanit Ovadya, as well as CAMEKAN and Muzz Design collectives from Turkey.
One observation from life's (Africans') experiences of limitations and sufferings is the fact contained in the Akan and Igbo maxims respectively: "A human being needs help", "I am my brother's helper.
Dr Akan added: "We are very pleased, in this regard, with the support the MEI extended to our research programmes to date and hope to expand our collaborative efforts with them further in the coming years.
Said Orlando Pirates coach Ali Akan, "Well its a cup competition.
The Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater will not stage large ballet performances as it lacks personnel, chief choreographer of the theater Akan Nurtazin said on February 11 at a meeting with members of the parliamentary committee on education, science, culture and sport.
Summary: We sat down with Gokhan Akan, CFO/Co-Founder of Foodonclick.
Lauren MacLean's Informal Institutions and Citizenship in Rural Africa: Risk and Reciprocity in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire, is crafted in eight chapters under three different but related parts addressing various aspects of the formation of informal institutions and citizenship in four Akan villages two on each side of the Ghana-Cote d'Ivoire border.
These were often based on (or at least expressed in the idiom of) kinship, including not only the well-known Akan matriclans, but also patrilineal links and marriage alliances.
Petty, Kosovar Ambassador Akan Ismaili and Albanian Ambassador Gilbert Galanxhi.
Thus, how Akan Christians relate to non-human forms of life may largely depend on their social construction of God--nature relations.
The quake registered upper 5 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7 in Kushiro Akan Chuo, Nemuro Attoko and Urahoro in the eastern part of Hokkaido, and lower 5 in Obihiro and other parts of the prefecture, according to the agency.
Punishment that hurts HOW heartily I agree with Mr Akan Hardaker (secretary, Football League), when he says the general lack of discipline is due to the idea of 'free expression'.