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a Kwa language spoken in Ghana and the Ivory Coast

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Fitch memperkirakan EBITDA margin akan tetap stabil sekitar 8% dalam jangka menengah.
I will offer some reflections on the Akan concept of sunsum by proposing that creation may be understood as the sparks (sunsum) of the God of life.
discuss their observations about Taymor's style qualities in comparison to the art of Akan and Ashanti tribes.
Most of these pieces come from Mali, Senegal, and the Akan kingdoms of Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire.
As the most numerically significant group exported from Atlantic Africa's Gold Coast, Akan speakers concentrated principally in the British, Dutch and Danish Americas.
Pupils in Reading, Berkshire, made use of the Ghanaian dialect of Akan, Chichewa, from the south central Africa, the Aztec tongue of Nahatl and Telugu amongst many other languages at home.
African Queen Mines Limited (African Queen Mines), an exploratory resource company with diversified mineral properties in Southern and Central Africa, has signed an earn-in and joint venture contract with Akan Exploration Limited (Akan), Marshall Islands' private company.
NUMBER ONE: Steven Pollitt (centre), presents the Business of the Month Award to Richard Holmes (third right), Odion Akan (second right) and Darren Garland (right), of Liquid Accounts Ltd, with (from left) Pam Smalley, of HSBC; Anne Gerard, of the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce; Bob Pidgeon, of Appleyard Lees; and Alan Lascelles, of Business Link.
Margaret Akan of the All Nations Hope AIDS Network is certain that the negative stigma associated with HIV/AIDS is preventing many Aboriginals from being tested for the disease.
2000b), we selected three localities with high grasshopper density: Teine (lat 43[degrees]06'N, long 141[degrees]13'E; 150 m above sea level), Shimokawa (lat 44[degrees]17'N, long 142[degrees]40'E; 150 m above sea level) and Akan (lat 43[degrees]26'N, long 144[degrees]08'E; 400 m above sea level).
A Comparative Study of Impediments to Marriage in the Code of Canon Law (1983) and Akan Traditional Marriage Law.
In the portrait of the man, his ceremonial sword is Akan from the Gold Coast of Guinea, and thus Brienen concludes that Eckhout's subject is Guinean.
Elders who lived through those years often remarked that they simply don't like to talk about "it" However, in the familiar sentiment expressed in the West African Akan concept of Sankofa, we need to know the past in order to move forward.