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a Bantu language spoken by the Kamba in Kenya

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Then Captain Akamba, that is the National Organiser, came and mentioned that some people were in the house and they may need assistance.
This book presents details about their brutal lack of sensitivity: sins of black people, including leaders and the elderly, were publicly leaked; those living in polygamy were asked "to discard their extra families" (47); Western European practices and ways of life were presented as being biblical when Akamba people who had the Bible translated knew that this is not the truth; the education of Akamba children was neglected, as some missionaries and their founders did not consider it compatible with preaching the gospel (see also 131-57).
(21) The Abanyore, Akamba, Maasai, Meru, and Kikuyu are some of the communities practising traditional rainmaking in Kenya.
MOTOWN AFTER PARTY: Akamba, Tythe Barn Lane, Shirley.
The technology could help revive the production of carvings by the Akamba (Kenya) and Makonde (Mozambique) peoples.
In Mombasa, a local cooperative making handicrafts, Akamba, has also seen its turnover halved since 2007, the year when Kenya -- once seen as a beacon of stability in East Africa -- took a turn for the worse and erupted into violence following disputed elections.
Kibaki, the Luo for Raila Odinga, the Luhyia for Michael Kijana Wamalwa, and the Akamba for Charity Ngilu.
En los anos 1950, casi todas las organizaciones politicas de Kenia tenian un organo de prensa: la Kenya African Union, Sauti ya Mwafrika -La voz del africano-; el Akamba's People Party, Uhuru wa Afrika -Independencia para Africa (Lenoble-Bart y Rambaud, 2005).
The study population was predominantly of the Akamba ethnic group who live in the semi-arid Eastern province of Kenya [7].
For example, the Kikuyu and Akamba of Kenya (or the Zulu and the Xhosa of South Africa) who have similar languages were represented as different and distinct as Europeans and Africans.
"But, Your Grace," one of the other clerics in the room playfully chided, "that man is from your people." (Ndingi is from the Akamba, an ethnic group concentrated in eastern Kenya.)
Historical mysteries pertinent to the plot revolve around the cultures of the Akamba and Masai in the context of hunting both a big black-manned lion and Mau-Mau rebel escapees.
Overall, the area has a rural population that is primarily from the Akamba ethnic group.
DOWN in Acocks Green's very own jungle, something stirred when Chris Canaan opened his Akamba garden centre, selling exotic plants and African art.
In African Traditions and Philosophy, John Mbiti describes the centrality of trees to rites of sexual passage; indeed, the Akamba tribe even gives young males "special sticks" with which they "perform symbolic sexual acts" upon the girls of the tribe (124).