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Jordan's port

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class="MsoNormalThe judge noted that since both the plaintiffs and Akaba Investment Ltd were claiming ownership of the suit property, it was only fair to issue orders that safeguard and maintain the status quo until the dispute is amicably solved.
What is important is to develop a very robust foundation here" said a confident Kazuyoshi Akaba, the visiting Japanese Senior Vice Minister of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) on 28 July in Colombo.
He would travel 1,300 miles by camel on manoeuvres in the Sinai Peninsula in the summer of 1917, while his famous attack on Akaba involved a 600-mile march-ride across uncharted desert in slightly less than a month.
This would point unmistakably to the type of merchant ship operating from the copper town of Ezion-geber on the Gulf of Akaba. (6) Hiram, king of Tyre, also sent his experienced mariners to serve in the fleet together with Solomon's men.
Il s'agit d'Abdelkader Saadi, representant d'Ali Benflis, candidat independant, de Belkacem Sahli, representant d'Abdelaziz Bouteflika, candidat independant, de Sid-Ahmed Akaba, representant de Moussa Touati du FNA, de Karim Labcheri, representant de Louisa Hanoune du Parti des travailleurs, et de Mohamed Seddiki, representant d'Ali-Faouzi Rebaine de AHD 54.
"Many people were victimized and hurt by the accident at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant, so it is very meaningful to have a new source of energy - renewable energy - based here," said Kazuyoshi Akaba, a vice minister of economy, trade and industry, after the turbine was turned on.
If I come here next year and make a mess of it, it'd be hard to deal with, so it's opened my eyes." Jeptoo, who finished third in last year's race, streaked away from the women's field to claim victory ahead of compatriot Edna Kiplagat and Yukiko Akaba of Japan.
Les travaux de construction du pont qui traversera le golfe d'Al Akaba sur une longueur de 50 km, debuteront en 2014.
Bundesinstitut fur Ostwissenschaftliche und Internationale Studien, Koln, 1998 (http://poli.vub.ac.be/publi/Georgians); Exploring the Caucasus in the 21st Century; Coppieters, B., Darchiashvili, D., Akaba, N.
In comparison, in Tokyo-to, which has the lowest share, kei-cars account for only 23 percent of automobiles (Miyazaki, Hikaru, and Akaba 2009).
Fatima Akaba, Istijaba Project member, said the presence of women teachers in rural schools will increase girls' enrollment in classes.
It stretches from Syria in the north, down the Arabah to the Gulf of Akaba, through the Red Sea to the upper Nile Valley and on to Lake Nyasa in East Africa.
Yazici said new trade routes would be through Ro-Ro vessel shuttle between Turkey's southern ports and Egypt's Alexandria, Jordan's Akaba and Saudi Arabia's Jeddah.