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Jordan's port

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The more women teachers in schools, the more student girls will register," Akaba said.
Akaba Yukiko and Nakazato Remi finished fifth and 10th, respectively.
Having met with interlocutors from various political factions and local dignitaries at the Maronite Nuns Hospital and Saint Maroun's Church at Akaba, the Patriarch preached reconciliation between Christians by urging them to lay the past experience to rest.
Sep 26, 2008: Defeats Ghana's Osumana Akaba to win the Commonwealth title.
But Burns has already beaten two other Ghanaians in successive Commonwealth title fights, Yakuba Amidu and Osumana Akaba, who have both had victories over Laryea.
We blew up their railway supply lines from the north and we bombed and strafed them to keep their forces occupied while Lawrence led his Arab army in an incredible trek to cut off their supply port of Akaba.
Prince Faisal said Akaba Wadi Dela, a crucial 44 km stretch of road in the southern region that becomes impassable during rains and floods, has now become one of the best roads in the region according to international specifications and standards.
Both defeats came in British title fights - against Edinburgh's Alex Arthur in 2006 and Leeds' Carl Johanneson the year after - and he captured the Commonwealth belt at the expense o f Ghana's Osumanu Akaba in 2008 and has since defended it three times.
Ricky Burns (Scotland) Mar 09 Michael Gomez W TKO7 Nov 08 Yakubu Amidu W TKO7 Sep 08 Osumanu Akaba W Pts12 May 08 Gheorge Ghiompirica W Pts10 Mar 08 Billy Smith W Pts4 Feb 08 Silence Saheed W TKO3 Dec 07 Billy Smith W Pts6 Nov 07 Youssef Al Hamidi W Pts6 Oct 07 Ben Odamattey W Pts8 Oct 07 Frederic Bonifai W TKO5 Age: 26; Overall record: 28 fights, 26 wins (7 inside distance), 2 defeats.
The three I's in the story refer to Iori Hazuki, a beautiful high schooler on the verge of attaining a successful acting career; Ichitaka Seto, a classmate and acquaintance of Iori's who has secretly harbored a crush on her for years; and Itsuki Akaba, Ichitaka's cute friend who has recently returned from abroad.
The members who are yet to confirm their participation are Kazuyoshi Akaba, Chairman of the International Department, New Komeito Party, Japan; Tan Sri Muhammad bin Muhammad Taib, Information Chief, United Malays National Organization, Malaysia; and Konstantin Kosachev, Deputy Secretary for International Policy and Interparty Relations, Presidium of the General Council, United Russia Party, Russian Federation.
Truscott, who has won all of his 12 fights in the paid ranks, won the vacant title by out-pointing Ghana's Osamanu Akaba at the same Teesside venue in September.
47 meters in the women's long jump to finish 10th in her first round group, but it was not enough to qualify, while in the 5,000 meters Yuriko Kobayashi and Kayoko Fukushi both came close to reaching the final with seventh and 10th place finishes in their heats, but their times were a few seconds short of the mark, with Yukiko Akaba also going out a short way behind them.
In the summer of 1918, Lawrence had been leading raids on the Hejaz railway in an attempt to disrupt supplies to the Turkish army intent on taking Akaba.
Commercially manufactured rotary cut veneer of Akaba (Tetraberlinia bifoliolata) logs were used to make hardwood structural plywood under laboratory conditions.