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Iridoid enriched fraction from Ajuga iva reduce hypercholesterolemia, triacylglycerolemia and increase the lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase activity of rats fed a cholesterol-riched diet.
In addition, several grasses and ground covers will be sold, including muhly grass, switch grass, fountain grass, maiden grass, liriope, mondo grass, ajuga and vinca.
Interestingly, a study examining the effectiveness of the herb Ajuga decumbens found that its effectiveness could be linked to the inhibition of the iNOS pathway and a decrease in nitric oxide levels in the joint tissue (Yuka, Fukaya, Imai, & Yamakuni, 2008).
Ajuga is a ground cover that is beautiful this time of year.
biology of two Ajuga species (Lamiaceae) in the southwest of the Iberian
We speculate that large populations of Vinca minor, Ajuga reptans, and Hedera helix at the site all arose via addition of yard waste.
City Palace 4g Grand Lodge - Ajuga U09-77 A brother to Bangalore, he's a little horse who's taking a lot of pulling together, but he ran better than it looked at Towcester last time.
5Better still, plant lots of ground cover plants such as ajuga reptan, hardy geraniums, hostas, tiarella wherryi, pulmonaria saccharata and stachys byzantina.
subglabra Aegiceras corniculatum * Ajuga australis * * * * Alloteropsis semialata * * * Alphitonia excelsa * * * Alstonia constricta * * * Araucaria cunninghamii * Atriplex nummularia * Baumea rubiginosa * * Bruguiera gymnorhiza * Bursaria spinosa * * * * Calamus muelleri * Callitris spp.
An impressive plant to have spilling over the side of the basket is Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow', which has a touch of purple in it.
We transplanted pieces of moss and irises to hide the tube at the waterfall; dug up ajuga (groundcover) and planted it so that it would drape over one side of the pond (it obliged us by blooming into small purple spires within a week); placed another log--with an attractive knot--over the niche with the pump, effectively covering that piece of equipment; and laid a weathered, split log at the "shallow" end.