Capsicum baccatum

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plant bearing very small and very hot oblong red fruits

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Plate as shown and garnish with ginger, radish, aji peppers and dill.
Also highly recommended are the shrimp marinated in lime and orange juices before being tossed with avocado, tomato, onion and Cusco corn, and the wonderful Hawaiian ono (wahoo) in a lime juice and aji pepper marinade, tossed with mango and cucumber and served with tart and salty ponzu sauce for dipping.
Javier's on Siesta Key (6621 Midnight Pass Road, 349-1792) is another source of Peruvian tastes, with fish, scallop and shrimp dishes plus pork pico flavored with Peruvian brandy, or Peruvian tamales filled with white corn, chicken, peanuts, black olives and aji pepper.
The "ultimate" result: Peruvian Herb-Roasted Chicken, a roasted half-chicken seasoned with a lime, garlic, cumin and herb rub and served with sweet potato fries and a spicy Aji pepper sauce for dipping.
Aji peppers and rocoto see expanded applications in sauces and as ingredients for snacks with a global flair
Aji hot sauce, made from aji peppers, is often an addition to Ecuadorian meals and may be found in specialty stores or Latin American markets in the U.