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(Greek mythology) a Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders

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the 1st cervical vertebra

a figure of a man used as a supporting column


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When it came to the crunch, Ajax decided they did not want to make us an offer.
But after Ajax took control of the locations, problems developed, including profitability and/or revenue that was "far below" the financials provided by Comet Cleaners for a majority of the stores, the lawsuit said.
Ajax fans were also involved in a major firework attack in the Dutch Cup final last year, though that was against fans of PEC Zwolle.
A quick check of Group F will tell you that as Ajax have failed to win a single game and bagged just two points this term.
Ajax are also foremost in the mind of Brazil star Neymar, who believes they will be no pushovers.
Ajax levelled when Pat Bonner missed Gerald Vanenburg's cross but substitute George McCluskey grabbed a late winner with an excellent finish.
Visitors interested in learning more can also download a PR-dedicated eBook or join Ajax Union's mailing list.
But] Norwich have played things correctly by first contacting Ajax.
An extensive review was performed by KGHMI staff and outside consultants to optimize the Ajax mine plan including validation of the proposed capital and operating expenditures.
In the early 1970s, utilizing its experience in pattern making and working with foundries, Ajax developed cast-aluminum molds to vacuum form sheet on single-station machines.
The next level is Yellow Ribbon Preferred Partner status, for clients who have referred at least one potential business that became an Ajax Union client.
Ajax TOCCO's promise is delivering on time high quality, technically advanced induction equipment to each customer.
Ajax said Tuesday it would work with the 27-year-old to scrap his contract, which runs until June, so he can move to another club.
A statement read: "Ajax, HSV (Hamburg) and Martin Jol have agreed the transfer of Jol to Ajax.
Developing service-oriented AJAX applications on the Microsoft platform.