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(Greek mythology) a Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders

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the 1st cervical vertebra

a figure of a man used as a supporting column


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In the final 10 minutes Ajax managed to stop BC Rivals from running away with the game and by reducing their opponents' scoring ability to seven points, Ajax scored 10, further reducing the deficit, but time was not on their side and they lost the game by 14 points overall, 49-35.
Erick Ajax retired from day-to-day management to focus on his board duties, while Tom Ajax remains in his current production technology management position.
Nobody expected Ajax to challenge for the league this season, but Bosz nearly won the title and he's now in the Europa League final.
But he also said that Ajax should not be ashamed to be nervous.
The shop window of the Europa League final in Stockholm means Ajax can expect added interest in a bevy of players already earmarked for the exit door at lucrative profit for the Amsterdam club.
Today, products are shipped from Ajax to customers in the U.
Comet Cleaners Franchise Group didn't own the locations, but it brokered the deal for Ajax to acquire the stores in 2012.
He said: "The only game we have on our minds is that of Ajax.
Chin said: "Like Celtic, Ajax would have been a very nice club for Virgil to continue his development.
However, it seems as though Norwich could well land the 24 year old after his agent confirmed that Ajax had been contacted by representatives of the Premier League club.
The operator of the Ajax project, KGHM International ("KGHMI"), has committed significant resources to the project's development since assuming the operatorship on September 1, 2012, demonstrating a strong commitment to the community, environment and to the long term sustainability of the Ajax project.
It's the story of Ajax Custom Manufacturing (ajaxmfg.
Current techniques do not support crawl based web contents behind AJAX or JavaScript forms.
com)-- Online marketing firm Ajax Union is encouraging clients to sign up for its new Ribbon Referral Program at http://www.