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an autonomous province of Georgia on the Black Sea


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Ajaria has been relatively calm after its status as an autonomous republic within Georgia was revised in 2004 and its "strongman" leader Aslan Abashidze forced out of office.
Ajaria, which is located at the southwestern tip of Georgia on the Black Sea and next to Turkey, has an estimated population of 500,000 of whom at least 60 per cent are ethnic Ajar Muslims.
Ruled by its own emirs, Ajaria was a tribute-paying protectorate of Persia until 1614, when it was taken by the Ottomans who stayed for over 250 years.
In 1878, the Ottomans were forced to seize Ajaria, along with Abkhazia to Tsarist Russia, which had already captured Georgia, and what is now Azerbaijan.
In 1921, the new Turkish Republic signed the Treaty of Kars, ceding Ajaria to Georgia that had just proclaimed its own independence from Russia.
A few months later, however, Georgia itself was absorbed into the newly created Soviet Union with Ajaria designated as an autonomous region.
Ajaria, along with the other two ethnic enclaves of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, tried to imitate Georgia and declared its independence.
Four months later, the authoritarian ruler of the autonomous region of Ajaria, a Shevardnadze ally, was ousted in a similar nonviolent civil insurrection.
These citizens living in Ajaria played a major role in fomenting the unrest that ultimately led to Ajaria's re-incorporation into Georgia.
Another base is in the southwestern region of Ajaria at the port city of Batumi, although Ajarians appear to be content with their current situation since Ajaria's prime location on the Black Sea makes it the most popular tourist destination in Georgia.
AFTER the collapse of the Soviet Union three areas of Georgia all broke away and declared independence: South Ossetia, Ajaria and Abkhazia.
Ajaria, on Georgia's western Black Sea coast, was a Soviet-era holiday destination.
Ajaria has remained politically loyal to Georgia, and cooperates with Tbilisi in a number of areas, especially on economic matters.
Nevertheless, Georgia's authority is shaky at best, and prominent Georgian politicians have expressed a desire to reassert a greater degree of control over Ajaria.
President Eduard Shevardnadze has called for a political settlement with Ajaria.