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an autonomous province of Georgia on the Black Sea


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Georgians, in particular the Georgian Church, which has seen an increasing political role over recent years, does not appreciate the religious activism of certain Turkish groups on its territory, in particular in Ajaria. More prosaically, the building of new mosques or the restoration of older ones abandoned during the Soviet era, which are financed by the private initiatives of certain groups, like Suleyman Tunahan's group, are badly perceived by certain segments of the population, who feel that their Christian identity is being threatened.
Drugs from Asia that transit Georgia are smuggled out through land routes and Black Sea ports in Ajaria. The Report suggests that such smuggling by trucks and ferries may be increasing.
Abashidze, el gobernador de Ajaria, cerro sus fronteras, se opuso a la reintegracion con Georgia y estaciono tropas rusas en Batumi, mientras que Saakashvili trataba de expulsar a todas las tropas rusas en el territorio georgiano.
According to sources inside Georgia, most of the arrests took pace in Batumi, Ajaria's capital, and several towns, especially Khulo, close to the Meskhet mountain range with a history of rebellion against Georgian rule.
Four months later, the authoritarian ruler of the autonomous region of Ajaria, a Shevardnadze ally, was ousted in a similar nonviolent civil insurrection.
With thousands of Russian troops still stationed in Georgia and Armenia, Moscow has for years sought to deter Western pipeline investors by fomenting bloody ethnic conflicts near the pipeline route, in the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan and in the Georgian breakaway regions of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Ajaria.
The Autonomous Republic of Ajaria, a monocracy located on Georgia's Black Sea coast with a predominantly Muslim population, remains in open confrontation with the Georgian Parliament and sustains close ties with Moscow.
In the southwest is the province of Ajaria. It has managed to avoid the bloodshed of other regions while carving out an identity separate from Georgia's.
Meanwhile Ajaria, the Black Sea coastal province centred on Batumi, is also largely beyond the control of the central government in Tbilisi.
The Euxinic evergreen broadleaf forests have only survived in the gorges and valleys of the southern faces of the Greater Caucasus Range on the edge of the Black Sea, in the districts running from Tuapse in southern Russia through the republics of Abkhazia, Georgia, and Ajaria (Adzhariya), to Batumi, the capital of Ajaria, which is almost on the frontier between Georgia and Turkey.
There are eight such chapters: an investigation of identity politics in the former Yugoslavia, by Crawford; post-Soviet nationalism in Abkhazia and Ajaria, by Georgi M.
1998 "The Tale of Two Resorts: Abkhazia and Ajaria Before and Since the Soviet Collapse." Beverly Crawford and Ronnie D.
And in Ajaria, in the southwest, there are Georgians who profess Islam.
Ajaria, where Mikheil Saakashvili's regime made some reforms, the Armenians will vote for the "Single National Movement".