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Saakashvili utilized the surviving files and apparatus of the Soviet state to penetrate the networks of patronage in Ajara and upper Kodori, and then he suborned the respective warlords' supporters with offers of amnesty and official positions.
However, Ajara now looks ready for a switch in level following her neck success over Jigajig at this track late last month.
Stressing that Turkey is a neighbor, Emzar Dzirkvadze presented information on the activities of Turkish entrepreneurs in Ajara at IZTO.
At the same time, the Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili, had repeatedly stated his intention to reintegrate the two semi-breakaway provinces back into Georgia--as he had done successfully in May 2004 with Ajara, the Black Sea enclave on the Turkish border.
Ajara Beishembieva, representative of the Inter-Bank Processing Center, and Rustam Khakimov, Director of Neo-Tech Company will discuss the capacity of processing centers for delivering branchless banking services.
Table 1-1: HIV Prevalence by City, Georgia City HIV cases City HIV cases Tbilisi 509 Kakheti 51 Samegrelo 226 Abkhazia 51 Zugdidi 165 Guria 34 Ajara 219 Shida Kartli 35 Imereti 186 Poti 27 Kvemo Kartli 53 Samtskhe-Javakheti 26 Total 1582 Source: Georgia AIDS Centre Table 1-2: HIV testing in Georgia among maritime workers Year Number tested 2003 700 2004 608 2005 684 2006 719 2007 566 (2 confirmed positive cases) Total 3277 Total confirmed positive cases 17 (15 sailors and 2 others) Source: EuroHIV.
There are three main Muslim populations: ethnic Azeris, ethnic Georgian Muslims of Ajara, and ethnic Chechen Kists in the northeastern region.
In the Acuty-Perera River area, where cases were reported, the infected persons were from the following 3 communities: Ajara, Laranjal (Aparecida), and Tauacu.
A US-funded working tour taught television journalists from the Autonomous Republic of Ajara about freedom of the press, market economics, small business development, and international journalism standards.
Russia has supported the separatist Abkhazian effort against Georgia as well as separatist movements in Georgia's South Ossetia province and in the Ajara region of Georgia near the Black Sea.
The United States should also foster security cooperation with Georgia, a key American ally in the region that has been unable to enforce its sovereignty and territorial integrity in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Ajara.
Tenders are invited for Construction of high level bridge on Ghatprabha river near village Tarewadi on Ajara Kini Nesari Hadalage Kowad to State Border Road MDR 61(Old MDR 69)At Km.
Several government officials from the region including representatives from the Georgian and Ajara Ministries of Finance and Economy will be in attendance along with CEOs from several regional banks.
In the midst of this positive attention, the Georgian region of Ajara has also made international news, thanks to Donald Trump visiting the region and expressing interest in developing a casino and hotel in Ajara's capital, Batumi.
Another horse who is thriving of late is Tom Dascombe''s Ajara who is out again in the Call totesport 0800 221221 For SP+ Handicap.