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Key words: phylogenetic analysis, host plants, Aizoaceae.
PBI-funded field work has made available extensive collections of five new species, all of them restricted to the "mesem" clade within the Aizoaceae (see further discussion below).
This investigation focused on two Carpobrotus species belonging to the family, Aizoaceae, in an attempt to assess their antimicrobial potential.
The family Aizoaceae is well known in South Africa from the names Mesembryanthemum in English, "vygies" in Afrikaans and "iqina" in Xhosa.
Epigynous perianth characterizes the fin-winged fruits of Aizoaceae, Apiaceae, Begoniaceae, Burmanniaceae, Combretaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Lecythidiaceae, Haloragaceae, Hernandiaceae, Onagraceae, and Styracaceae.
pointed out that they resemble recent Aizoaceae pollen (Huang, 1972: pl.
In certain families, such as Aizoaceae, part of the centrifugally developing sta mens grow into colored staminodes (Hofmann, 1993; Ihlenfeldt, 1960).
Several families in this order have genera of wetland plants, such as the Aizoaceae (Sesuvium), Polygonaceae (Rumex, Polygonum, Brunnichia), Chenopodiaceae (Halimione, Chenopodium, Atriplex, Salicornia, Suaeda), Amaranthaceae (Amaranthus, Acnida), and Portulacaceae (Montia).