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Evolven Comparison discovers granular configuration information for IBM AIX. Evolven Comparison's unique Comparison Engine[TM] includes a set of technologies that deliver clear, definitive configuration information related to IBM AIX, highlighting the critical root cause and its impact, allowing IT professionals to focus on what matters most.
Vision Solutions, Inc., is announcing several significant enhancements to its robust and affordable suite known as Double-Take Availability for AIX. The new release provides several important enhancements including support for IBM AIX v7 environments, easier setup and automation of replication configuration and the ability to work seamlessly in environments using IBM's Live Partition Mobility.
As Ballet Preljocaj further defines itself as a beacon in this touristy university town, "Danse a Aix" will disappear.
Prices for Software Subscription for AIX vary depending according to what programs customers use.
The centre will also be used to develop, test and adopt new applications and middleware for the AIX operating system.
IBM's approach with AIX 4.3.3 attacks the dynamic reallocation problem directly rather than indirectly by letting applications only have so much memory and so many processor cycles out of the total in the machine.
Aix also offered the rare opportunity of seeing three short ballets by Kurt Jooss in a program by Ballet du Rhin.
With added support for Red Hat Linux and IBM AIX, the AltoWeb Application Platform can now integrate enterprise applications running on most common servers and network platforms supporting Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), including Windows, Solaris, Linux and AIX.
Infranet proved to be the best solution for Monaco Telecom, and the fact that it's supported on the IBM AIX operating system is an additional advantage," said Thierry Poyet, IT manager, Monaco Telecom.
To better align the efforts of the IBM Corp-led IA-64 Monterey Unix project, the Santa Cruz Operation Inc and Sequent Computer Systems Inc will implement AIX APIs in their respective Unix operating systems by year-end giving customers an AIX look and feel, although not the actual ability to run AIX programs.
Customers can quickly activate additional processors with a single command in IBM's AIX. A simple "pay as you go" configuration option, IBM Capacity Upgrade on Demand is an alternative to competitors' expensive, complex offerings.
Sun Microsystems Inc chief operating officer, Ed Zander said Sun had not been invited to join IBM Corp's Monterey AIX kernel consortium.
In our Austin, Texas pSeries porting lab, we recently migrated approximately 27,000 lines of C/C++ code per day to 64-bit mode on AIX using the 64Express product.
The companies are also investigating additional opportunities for future PowerPC-based AIX 5L servers to expand the product offerings of both companies -- from low-end to high-end servers -- in mission-critical and other applications, such as high-performance computing.