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I HAVE yet to come across someone sitting on the aisle seat on a train with earphones connected to an iPod or similar device.
All this information would be printed on the passenger's boarding pass and Mr Wallace adds: "the message on the boarding pass would recommend that window seat passengers joined the first group and that aisle seat passengers should follow.
I was also given an aisle seat and the seat next to me was kept empty to give my dog space.
I bought my online ticket early to ensure getting an aisle seat.
Even worse is sitting in the aisle seat with your bags on the window seat.
Airlines are enforcing the all-passengers-in-seats rule at least one hour before landing, so if you're prone to loo breaks be sure to choose an aisle seat and get to the toilet before the seat restrictions go into place.
Or, should I get an aisle seat so I can jump up and down and do my aerobics every hour to stop deep vein thrombosis, even though I've no chance of sleep as I stand up and down to let those next to me out?
If booking a train seat on, say, Eurostar, one can book either a window or an aisle seat.
I quickly stowed my backpack overhead, and slid into the window seat, hoping that none of the remaining Little Rock boardees would take the vacant aisle seat beside me.
I specifically asked for this aisle seat, the recline mechanism seems to be working and I am perfectly comfortable here.
Each aircraft with over 30 seats must have removable aisle seat armrests to accommodate people with mobility problems.
On the bus today I counted eight seats with one person sat in the aisle seat with shopping, coats etc on the window seat, making it impossible to sit down.
According to researchers from the University of Greenwich, your highest chance of survival comes when you choose a seat within five rows of an emergency exit, and preferably an aisle seat.
I was not in my usual seat, but, as the section was not crowded, had moved over to the aisle seat in the third row, right center.