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Synonyms for airway

a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

the passages through which air enters and leaves the body

a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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Etihad Airways confirmed yesterday that it will launch service to Australia "within the next few months" thanks to the conclusion of an "extended aviation bilateral agreement" between the UAE and Australia.
In the airways, the most important neurotrophin is believed to be NGF, but because it is derived primarily from nonneuronal sources, its role in patients with SHR is uncertain.
We describe the case of a 9-year old boy with an airway foreign body that had gone unrecognized for 3 months.
The smallest airways had constricted so far down that they had collapsed," Wiggs says.
British Airways understands the importance of creating a self-service experience that is intuitive, friendly and effective for callers.
55 billion) into its New Airways Pension Scheme and annual contributions of about [pounds sterling]280 million for the next 10 years subject to the unions' acceptance of benefit changes.
Persons with preexisting airway disease appear most likely to be affected.
Successful airway management of an infant or child with moderate to severe retrognathia first requires recognition of a potential problem.
Dividend Miles members can now earn miles for their wireless service and accessories, plus satellite service and more," said Travis Christ, US Airways vice president, sales and marketing.
2 billion takeover bid by rival US Airways and will take it to its board of directors soon, according to a court filing on Friday.
The evidence suggesting that toxin stimulates mast cells/basophils and/or increases airway kinins heightens the importance of understanding toxin effects in allergic airways.
Our first patient required an emergent tracheostomy on postoperative day 2 because of the onset of surgically induced airway edema.
The small diameter Alair catheter is delivered into the airways through the working channel of this flexible bronchoscope.
Jet Airways will expand its international network this month to Bangkok, with flights to the US set to commence later this year.
Collapsible airways occur in patients who are obese, who are older, who have a history of substance abuse, and who have severe OSA.