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medium for radio and television broadcasting


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To get 'match fit' for the new devices, work is currently underway across NPUs to assess the current level of Airwaves coverage and to identify 'blindspots' where coverage is poor.
The government will put a total of 2,354.55 megahertz ( MHz) of airwaves for auction in all bands-- 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz, 2,100 Mhz and 2,300 MHz.
I recently tried to find out how many and the locations of the BT Airwave masts that provide comprehensive coverage for the emergency services in the region; North Wales Police refused to provide the information stating the information was owned by BT Airwave.
Last auctioned in 2010 3G airwaves fetched over Rs 67000 crore to the exchequer (though the quantum of spectrum on sale was higher).
AS 4G networks still try to operate across the UK, the race is already on to develop the next generation of airwave connectivity.
Jackson will also be keen to put on a good show for all the team's local fans and provide a fitting end to the team's association with Airwaves.
"Hopefully that will be enough to get the best result for myself and the team and also to give Airwaves Racing the send-off it deserves.
"While it allows all wireless carriers to bid for airwaves in an effort to drive up revenue from the sale, the plan also potentially sets aside licenses for smaller carriers.
Anusha Palpita, the Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, said he allocated the airwaves to Sri Lanka's largest cellular operator Dialog Axiata for $26.25 million on Thursday.
According to the Economic Times report, the telecom department had put only 271 MHz or units of airwaves for sale in the first round in November despite the Supreme Court directed freeing 430 MHz of airwaves.
Last year the stage and airwaves were set ablaze by three Namibian singing sensations.
The British government will receive a smaller-than-expected 2.34 bln pound ($3.6 bln) windfall from airwaves auctioned for 4G super fast mobile broadband, in a sale where all existing mobile operators won spectrum.
The government had earlier set the reserve price of CDMA airwaves at Rs 36.4 billion per megahertz for all 22 telecommunication zones of the country, 30 percent higher than that of GSM airwaves.
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