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an airfield without normal airport facilities

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We want to know what is going on with those airstrips.
Once the new drug interdiction task group is activated, it would seal off possible smuggling points in privately run airstrips, heliports and seaports.
Come to think of it, the refusal of the airstrip managers not to pay for their debts until it got accumulated to billions was an outright move to defraud government hence, an act of corruption on one hand, and also complacency on the part of NAMA to have allowed the debts to accumulate that much before kicking.
In much of the western U.S., 122.9 MHz is considered the "backcountry frequency." If you are between airstrips and flying over empty terrain, this is the frequency you monitor and make occasional position reports.
New Delhi: Security of 43 unused airports and 355 airstrips in the country is all set to be enhanced with the Home Ministry planning to review their vulnerability in view of constant threat from terror groups.
The Philippines' plans to rehabilitate its eroded airstrip on the Pag-Asa Island (Thitu) in the South China Sea remains on hold for now as the relationship with rival claimant China continues to improve.
According to Costa Rican Security Minister Gustavo Mata, the emergence of illegal airstrips is a result of the increase in US-bound drug trafficking through Central America and Mexico, and the more frequent use of air routes by drug organizations.
The construction of the airstrips as well as other military bases could have "significant impact on the local ( balance of power ," Euan Graham, director of the international security program at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, told the AP.
Around 100 of these unused airstrips also belong to the IAF and some are owned by private entities.
The airline has a single MD82, used on flights from Lusaka to the gateways and Beechcraft and Embraer regional 'planes that are ideal for operations at the many local airports and airstrips around the country.
Two airstrips in Somalia that were banned from use are still being used because the government cannot monitor them.
The fact is that at many of the thousands of American airports and airstrips serving private pilots, a drunk--or a terrorist--can take off without having been checked out or intercepted by any authority.
The family homes come with a proper incentive to swap wheels for wings - their own private airstrips.