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Synonyms for airship


Synonyms for airship

a steerable self-propelled aircraft

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These German airships were held together by rib-like skeletons of steel and aluminium and a stout inelastic canvas outer-skin, within which was an impervious rubber gas-bag, cut up by transverse dissepiments into from fifty to a hundred compartments.
It wouldn't do at all, you know, for the Emerald City to become a way-station on an airship line.
I'm working out a magic recipe to fuddle men's brains, so they'll never make an airship that will go where they want it to go," the Wizard confided to her.
Too late the Chinese government apprehended the meaning of the colossal preparations, the marshalling of the world-hosts, the flights of the tin airships, and the rain of the tubes of glass.
And high up in the blue he would have beheld a tiny dot of black, which, because of its orderly evolutions, he would have identified as an airship.
I've been too busy on that new airship stabilizer dad gave me an idea for.
Given that Hybrid Airships did not fit within existing FAA regulations, the team worked to create a new set of criteria allowing non rigid hybrid airships to safely operate in a commercial capacity.
Hybrid Airships can affordably transport heavy cargo to and from remote locations thanks to their unique shape and air cushion landing system.
I believe that letter highlighted the vested interests which operate in UK transport markets, and that airships will challenge them.
Naval patrols were based at Holyhead but the increased threat posed by German submarines led to military officials creating an airship station at Mona deploying airships adapted for sea patrol.
If you want to understand some of the complex history of airships, dirigibles, and blimps, read this book.
The new airship is larger, faster, and more maneuverable and builds on the company s legacy as the world s leading builder and operator of airships.
Will airships have their day in the skies once again?
Even though airships are currently demonstrating military utility and value in a number of applications, including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, border patrol, and communications platforms, considerable resistance is still encountered when the use of a hybrid airship for military lift is proposed.
researching airships as a viable transport option for the last decade.