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a shaft for ventilation


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That her lover would fling himself down the airshaft of their apartment building in New York City makes no sense to her: "You were so fun, Timmy, so easy and open and calm, so full of life, a startling lickable hunk of grace.
The loss of his relationship with Smith might be seen as yet another traumatic impetus to his invention; for after a series of impressive short lyrics (Lisa and Joey in Connecticut, January '65: "You've Come Back!" "You're Still Here!" [1965], Airshaft [1967], Soft Rain [1968], Nissan Ariana Window [1968]), he made Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son, which marked the turning point of his career.
The window looked out onto an airshaft and the floor was covered with a worn, patterned rug whose colors had long since subsided into browns and grays.
One can see this in his interest in programmatic compositions (i.e., "Daybreak Express," "Harlem Airshaft") and the so-called "Ellington effect," which refers to his tendency to put orchestration and timbre at the forefront of his compositions by writing parts for individual performers rather than a generic set of instruments.
Windowpanes above a nearby airshaft splintered in popgun bursts, a party of workers swarming through their ruined frames out onto the fire escape.
The company says it custom fits every airshaft it makes for customers because each winding operation places unique demands on core shaft performance.
Antin implicitly affirms housing reforms by Progressives such as Lawrence Veiller, founder of the New York Tenement House Department, who worked to abolish the dumb-bell tenement, infamous for its airshaft and cramped, unhealthy conditions.
The 11 tracks include Mood Indigo, the song father and son first took to duetting on and which became a favourite in concerts, Harlem Airshaft and Let's Call The Whole Thing Off, in addition to John Dankworth and Ken Gibson compositions.
She died after being thrown down an airshaft from the roof during a performance by her opera-singing mother Gillian, who is played by guest star Alice Krige.
They will be playing a new work, Requiem for a Dreamer, commissioned by Birmingham Jazz, Turner Sims Concert Hall, The University of York and the Airshaft Trust.
Two decades later, in Desert Storm, we all watched the video of a stealth fighter (flying largely undetected overtop the enemy's heartland), precisely targeting the airshaft of Saddam Hussein's command and control facility and continuing on for another pinpoint strike.
I drew in my head, and was turning around, when in through the airshaft he came with a bound.
The rewind has a cantilevered airshaft driven by an AC flux vector drive fob lowing the laminator drive speed reference.
general who was staring mystically out a window facing on an airshaft.