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Synonyms for airport

an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo

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As of 2017, travel taxes cost 1,620 pesos (Dh118) per economy class passenger, and airport fees were pegged at 750 pesos (Dh55), pursuant to Philippine laws.
House Bill 124 would have repealed airport fees altogether, but airports--particular smaller airports--depend on a share of those fees to keep up their airports.
Flight time between Abu Dhabi and Riga will be six hours and 15 minutes, with one-way ticket prices starting from AED1,095, including airport fees and transaction costs.
"But most of the other airports who are looking for big e o ig traffic growth, that process is already starting to happen, lowering airport fees and some of the charges.
The pound's slump has further hammered the firm's bottom line as they buy fuel in dollars and pay local airport fees in euros.
Airport fees, while common elsewhere in the world, have until recently been avoided by Gulf states as they seek to gain a competitive advantage for business and become regional hubs.
The quoted fare is inclusive of admin fees, airport fees, and country taxes where applicable.
Regulatory authorities are reviewing the fares for local flights as costs of overall aviation operations such as airport fees, the value of the plane and other manpower and service costs have gone up, he pointed out.
Travel Business Review-May 6, 2015--Ryanair reduces airport fees, continues customer service enhancements
"There are further improvements to come in 2015, including a new website and app, new cabin interiors, new crew uniforms and inflight menus, reduced airport fees, and great new digital features such as 'hold the fare', destination content and fare comparison services."
Michael O'Leary told a press briefing in Nicosia to launch its new flights to eight European destinations that Ryanair will deliver over 550,000 customers to Cyprus, even though airport fees in Larnaca and Paphos are much higher than others, even double the tariff of Berlin airport.
According to Blue Star Taxis Christchurch general manager Bob Wilkinson, the survey did not account for a comparison of total taxi costs since some fares have airport fees included in the fare.
They want airport fees for airlines to increase by 10 percent, companies want them to go down, and the government is caught in between.
AirAsia will focus on secondary markets in India in order to minimize airport fees and other costs.
Get airline companies to start using our airport by reducing the high handling and airport fees.
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