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a tower with an elevated workspace enclosed in glass for the visual observation of aircraft around an airport

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The GCAA report also reviewed aircraft maintenance company certifications, security and infrastructure operations, and airport control tower reports, the Gulf News added.
FEELING THE STRAIN It's a bit too much for one of the Jet2 girls at Newcastle Airport as she fields calls from worried passengers BEAUTY FROM CHAOS The sun sets over the empty airport control tower at Newcastle airport, after an ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano grounded all but emergency flights above Britain
validity of all operations at the airport control tower and that the plane was
The paper reported that the pilot of the airplane disregarded orders from the Rafic Hariri International Airport control tower and went in the opposite direction.
409 lost contact with the airport control tower shortly after takeoff and crashed into the sea about 12 kilometres (seven miles) south of the airport.
An Israeli helicopter has fired several missiles at an abandoned airport control tower in the southern Gaza Strip.
2) Phil Aune is saying goodbye to the Van Nuys Airport control tower, where he spent 47 years as an air traffic controller.
Manda said Villaruel had been visiting the airport control tower for the past week requesting certain documents needed for a research.
SECURITY officers shot and killed the Philippines' former top civil aviation administrator, and a navy reserve officer, who had seized the airport control tower in the capital Manila early today.
In fact, the Eugene Airport control tower also monitors air traffic for Medford and Corvallis.
We exposed how investigative journalist Alan Croghan managed to land a job as a security guard protecting the airport control tower despite a criminal record for armed robbery and HIJACKING a taxi at knifepoint.
Local media reports said the pilot made an emergency radio contact with the airport control tower before the crash.
Eviluzmino Catipay, last contacted the Davao airport control tower at 7:01 a.
Indeed, The Financial Gazette charges that serious breeches in tender procedure were committed when AHT re-designed its bid to counter strong reservations about its positioning of the airport control tower far away from the runway.
Let's look at some flights to San Francisco," he says, tapping the airport control tower icon on the screen, then the keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen.
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