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a large structure at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained

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They are the transformation and seismic reinforcement of San Francisco's former main library into the new Asian Art Museum, providing a high-performance earthquake-resisting design for Kaiser Permanente's new Santa Clara Replacement Medical Center, the seismic strengthening of the San Jose Police Administration Building without compromising operations, and the adaptation of an airplane hangar at the former Hamilton Air Base to meet the requirements of the new headquarters of the Marin Community Foundation.
which all cameras evolved, an actual airplane hangar was turned
The picture, produced on-site in an airplane hangar converted by the six photographic artists of The Legacy Project into the world's largest camera, will be on view in its final form for the first time.
where the prize Grand Vitaras were staged with special lighting and fog-effects in an Air Force airplane hangar.
Located in a renovated B-52 airplane hangar, the facility can house up to four commercial size aircraft at once, and allows LiveTV to provide a one-stop-shop for installation, repairs and storage of equipment and parts.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- The Galveston Fire Marshal's Office has been investigating the cause of a large commercial fire that occurred on Monday night at an airplane hangar located on airport property.
Visuals: Event will take place in airplane hangar, with
When will architects like Frank Gehry learn they can't place an orchestra in the middle of an airplane hangar and achieve good sound?
Set in a shadowy abandoned airplane hangar, the show's foreboding host, the "Inquizitor," fires questions at the contestants in a staccato fashion, topping off the banter with a biting repartee.
Lincoln is spending several million dollars in an 18-day period, part of which will fund the transformation of a once-barren Treasure Island airplane hangar into an interactive, multimedia training experience.
University relations executive director Peter Pepinsky said the old building was first used as an airplane hangar after World War II, then was converted into an arena for basketball.
Two new networking events will be hosted this year: The Monte Carlo in Monterey dinner and casino night on December 13 (to be held in an airplane hangar at the Monterey Airport) and a private golf tournament at Poppy Hills Golf Course on December 15.
Five days after the crash of Flight 800, investigators working at an old airplane hangar in Calverton, N.
Set in a shadowy, abandoned airplane hangar instead of a glitzy studio stage, the show's foreboding host -- called the `Inquizitor' -- fires questions at panelists in staccato fashion, topping off the banter with a biting repartee.
If the sky-diving bride survives the jump, she might be in for an even bigger shock when she realises Jamie has planned to hold their winter ceremony in an exposed airplane hangar followed by a wild west-themed wedding in the nearby pub complete with bails of straw, rodeo bulls and, er, cucumbers