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a large structure at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained

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Gerald Vickers, president of Emerald Forest Products: 9,500-square-foot airplane hangar with 2,500 square feet of office space at 28825 Hollis Lane, $950,000
Jamie plans to hold the winter ceremony in an exposed airplane hangar, followed by a wild west themed wedding in the nearby pub complete with bails of hay and, er, cucumbers
It will also have the worldOs longest runway and biggest airplane hangar.
On the second takeoff, the airplane lifted off normally, entered a nose-high attitude as if it was going to "stall," then descended into an airplane hangar.
75") documents an extraordinary project to produce the world's largest photograph, using the world's largest camera, a pinhole camera made from an airplane hangar.
Putnam said more than 1,000 people attended the expo, which featured 80 exhibitors inside the airplane hangar and 10 more on the tarmac.
It's a fitting fixture in Century's workshop, which looks like an airplane hangar should: dusty, greasy, industrious.
I won't risk your lives unless it is absolutely necessary," Obama pledges to 3,000 marines, naval officers and their families who packed into an airplane hangar at the Naval Air Station here.
Inside a massive airplane hangar, hundreds watched a symbolic tradition as Defense Secretary Robert M.
Late last year, the famous airplane hangar in the movie "Casablanca" was demolished; only its 80-year-old faade was saved.
Plus, take to the skies with Jeremy and the Airfield Set, which includes an exclusive Jeremy the Jet Plane, airplane hangar with removable roof, fold-up runway, and a stop-and-go station.
In one corner of a building the size of an airplane hangar, they built a townhouse.
The block resembled a giant airplane hangar full of human cargo.
Pantaco's square, concrete design pays homage to the austerity of 1960s architecture, while its new, $1 million roof gives it the feel of an airplane hangar.
Most mid-size to large companies have multiple warehouses, each possibly the size of an airplane hangar, packed with rows and rows of floor-to-ceiling shelves of boxes and files.