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a chamber that provides access to space where air is under pressure


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In another ASHRAE project RP-1344 study on airlocks, it was found that airlock is possibly the most effective mechanism to minimize particle migration not only during door operation (dynamic conditions) but also in the door-closed situation (static conditions) since a time delay between two doors could allow the contaminated air entered the airlock space (after the first door operation) to be replaced by the clean supply air.
The sloped sides of the hopper angle toward the hopper's discharge port, which can be joined to gravity-fed spouting or to an airlock and pneumatic line.
The airlocks behind them were sealed by the remaining ISS crew - who will be the last people ever to see a space shuttle in orbit.
Whatever container you have (called the "primary fermenter"), the lid will need a hole drilled in it large enough to accommodate an airlock and a rubber cork.
The pivoting airtight bi-flush door with inflatable seal is intended for use in high-risk research laboratories and in decontamination airlocks.
The unit is also configurable with a wide range of options, such as large capacity hoppers, airlocks and fire suppression systems.
Components include bag dump stations, bulk-bag unloaders/receivers, railcar unloaders or loaders, rotary airlocks, diverter valves, blower packages with or without sound enclosures, vacuum pickup wands, dense-phase pressure tanks or rotary valves, bin vent filters, receiver filters, dust collectors, and control panels.
It will also have metre-thick walls of reinforced concrete, two airlocks and blast-proof doors.
Company's Airlocks are available in customized fabricated and machined models for pneumatic systems, gravity feeds, and volumetric discharge devices.
WASHINGTON, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The crew aboard the International Space Station is turning its attention to spacewalks, with repair and preparatory work in two airlocks.
CLEARING AIRLOCKS - If you have an airlock in your heating system, first try the radiator key to bleed all your radiators.
Peter Heppel has engineered America's Cup sails, tensile fabric airlocks for NASA, and the Millenium Tower in Glasgow which rotates in the wind.
Features of the Model 2424 Polyblaster basket blaster include automatic operation, a programmable timer, three adjustable blast nozzles, air blowdown, variable speed basket drive, the basket continues to rotate after the blast cycle is complete to purge media flash, air blowdown while the door is closed, jog cycle, the basket unloads to a removable tray, safety airlocks, a high efficiency dust collector, simple maintenance, etc.
However, it is believed airlocks are among several teething problems encountered.
To prevent this problem, refrigeration contractor Star Refrigeration specified Munters Icedry[TM] dehumidification to remove water vapour from the air in the airlocks.