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a hose that carries air under pressure


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a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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Any rent Massport collects from airlines and reserve funds will go toward repaying the bonds; the remainder will be covered by Ambac Assurance Corp.
As I look at it, airlines are going from the QE2 of the air to the Greyhound buses of the air,'' said Michael Shonstrom, chief investment officer at Shonstrom Research Associates in Denver.
Since American Airlines launched the first frequent flier program in 1981, the concept has become the most successful customer loyalty promotion in history.
The airlines do compete--if your idea of competing is locking your rivals out of the stadium.
Hawaiian Airlines said it will suspend its daily San Diego-Maui service Jan.
It is anticipated that the presentations to the airlines will take place as early as this fall or as late as in the spring of 2002,'' Bob Toone wrote in a memo to the City Council.
airlines had secured their positions in Latin America long before.
In deregulating the airlines in October 1978, Congress decided to stop treating the industry as a public utility.
With the implementation of Sabre Airline Solutions' passenger reservations and departure control systems, the SabreSonic Passenger Solutions, Kingfisher Airlines will be able to manage its reservations, pricing, ticketing and reporting efficiently.
FL Group now is American Airlines parent AMR's third-largest shareholder with 12.
This has been the case especially since deregulation in 1978, when the major airlines were allowed to leave the less profitable routes to the minors, known as commuters, or as those in the industry prefer, "regional airlines '" And, though it may surprise Will, the latest information from the research director of the congressionally created Aviation Safety Commission indicates that for those who fly with the bottom two-thirds (by size) of the commuter airlines, it's too close to say whether driving a car is riskier than flying.
As the airline industry begins to stabilize, there is a greater appetite by the airlines to focus on improving the airline experience and its product offerings," said Chet Gray, ASBTA Vice President.
In the event of a United Airlines/Continental Airlines merger proposal were added to the proposed US Airways/Delta Air Lines combination, the organization said, then it "would mandate that the DOJ and Congress shift from a one-off analysis of specific merger transactions and instead closely examine the future construct for domestic US and international commercial aviation marketplaces.
SOUTHLAKE, Texas -- Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is using Sabre Airline Solutions technology to let customers book e-tickets over the Internet and pay by credit card.