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an attendant on an airplane

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Thus, in a follow-up letter to the EEOC, dated March 25, 1966, Northwest Airlines--later joined by the Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the umbrella advocacy group for all commercial airlines--officially requested a written interpretation, accompanied by hearings, on the question of whether "sex is a bona fide occupational qualification for the position of airline stewardess.
It is Murphy's time in Wormwood Scrubs for an assault on an airline stewardess on his way back from riding Cenkos in the Nakayama Grand Jump in Japan that plenty of readers will want to read about first.
Depicting an airline stewardess, the ads evoked images of travel--particularly exotic to Chinese at the time, with travel restrictions just beginning to loosen.
The Village, set up by former airline stewardess Pat Kerr several years ago, cares for lost children and homeless women with children and was presented with sports equipment while the players were given a tour of facilities at the centre.
You know, the one where two ``experts'' humiliate the poor suspect by rubbishing their entire wardrobe only to reproduce them at the end of the process looking like a cross between a streetwalker and an airline stewardess.
Barry's suit is the kind of fluorescent royal blue usually reserved for airline stewardess uniforms, and throughout Punch-Drunk Anderson imbues the sets and costumes with red, white, and blue ensembles of the sort rarely seen outside of airport terminals.
Policeman 663 doesn't much notice - yet I assume Faye is playing it for him, so he'll maybe forget the airline stewardess who dumped him and realize there's someone who would gladly fly away with him, given the chance.
On April 4, 1946 in Riverside, California he married Virginia Knox, an airline stewardess with United Airlines and the couple moved to New York City.
AN AIRLINE stewardess from Birmingham who enjoys body-building has got temperatures soaring by posing for a sizzling bikini calendar.
Baggage Claim Cert 12A A GORGEOUS airline stewardess called Montana is a self-pitying singleton left on the airport carousel of love in this appallingly poor romcom.
Branson and Fernandes had a bet on whose teams would finish first in the 2010 Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and the loser had to dress as a female airline stewardess and serve passengers on board the winner's airline.
A Delhi court has ordered charges of abetment against a billionaire Indian ex-minister over the suicide of a former Emirates Airline stewardess.
The airline stewardess told Bieber and his bodyguard to sit down and told the star to stop "acting like a child" on a flight, reports The Sun.
Independently wealthy Qin Fen (Ge) is on bended knee before luscious airline stewardess Liang Xiaoxiao (Shu) high upon the Great Wall of China, kicking off the latest stage of the skittish courtship initiated in Feng's earlier film.
Since then, travel agent Keeley and airline stewardess Rachel have been living their lives as normal but were contacted this week and told they were to join the series.
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