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a hose that carries air under pressure


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a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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One of them asked him if he was indeed the director general of the airline company Egypt Airlines and when Muhandis confirmed that he was, the culprit stabbed him in his chest with a knife.
Load factor is a factor measuring the success of an airline company.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the airline company, and Israel's Ministry of Health notified all close contacts of the patient in Israel and during the transatlantic flight, including everyone in the tour group, and recommended that they be given chemoprophylaxis.
Editorial covers industry developments relating to leasing, partnerships, manufacturing, lending and airline company financials.
It is the first time a Japanese airline company has taken such measures.
The Thunder Bay-based airline company has already expanded its air-ambulance service in Timmins by buying out Canada Airmed, and continues to look for new opportunities inside and outside of Ontario.
By the end of 2010, there had been 111 general airline companies with the general airline company business certificate.
It is expected then that, operating cash flows should have a positive effect on the value of an airline company.
Local airline company SkyJet Airlines has announced the arrival of their new plane.
Delta Vacations, a US-based travel company and a part of US-based airline, Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL), has announced partnerships with Air France, a France-based airline company, and Alitalia, an Italy-based airline company.
Germany airline company airberlin on Thursday said it has launched "Shape & Size", a comprehensive programme aiming to make the company profitable in the future.
Affiliated with Kayi Group, Sky Airlines is an airline company located in Antalya and established at the end of 2000.
The decision to take-off is a decision of the airline company, said
Summary: National airline company "Air Algerie" took delivery on Thursday here of a 70-seat ATR aircraft, the first of eleven aircrafts purchased to modernize its fleet.
The conclusion of the open skies agreement between the EU and the United States - for which all the elements have already been negotiated - has been suspended until after the adaptation of the American legislation on the control and ownership of airline companies, which stipulates that a foreign group cannot own more than 25% of voting rights in an American airline company and which grants no management rights to foreign investors.