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a pneumatic horn

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air intake of a carburetor

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"It was very fitting that Sally sounded the airhorn too as it's not just the person with cancer who has to go through it - it's their whole family.
I quickly locked Ella in the bathroom (the only room in the house that I could be certain did not harbor a raccoon), then grabbed my broom and airhorn, before it dawned on me that the culprit had to be my neighbors dog, who has a known sweet tooth and is quite comfortable going into my house.
The ban happened after it was shown that the pistol could be turned into a lethal weapon resulting in the race getting started with an airhorn.
Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of the Dubai Municipality, to enthusiastic walkers in Safa Park as he blew an airhorn to mark the start of the two-week walking campaign on Saturday.
You could just make out the engineer's head in the cab of the engine, a man who had nothing to do but lay on his airhorn from time to time, a man with a nearly perfect job, though he'd be no Casey Jones.
Also included is the AirHorn, a 2.4-GHz, 11-channel signal generator that can be used to assist in tasks such as antenna placement and wireless-network stress testing.
The Dukes brothers did a good line in screeching as they launched themselves from yet another perilous drop, but the sound of the airhorn they used to tease their pursuing sheriffs was even better.
* Have an airhorn in one of the driver's hand and USE IT!
Also new is the AirHorn Pro 2.46Hz (802.11) signal generator ($135) another software-based application that can generate RF signals for any number of the AirSleuth's 11 Wi-Fi channels.
"It weighs as much as a family car and has a similar annual mileage," Kate insisted, though they lack windscreen wipers and an airhorn.
Football is now a cultural juggernaut, an unstoppable 18-wheeler flying the flag and blaring Altogether Now from its airhorn.
When one driver wrote a sign for her with the words, "I Want to Eat Your Pussy," she wrote Out a reply: "Meow." He blasted his airhorn. Incredibly, inexplicably, her parents and siblings didn't notice these exchanges (or if they did, they pretended they didn't).