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a pneumatic horn

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air intake of a carburetor

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I quickly locked Ella in the bathroom (the only room in the house that I could be certain did not harbor a raccoon), then grabbed my broom and airhorn, before it dawned on me that the culprit had to be my neighbors dog, who has a known sweet tooth and is quite comfortable going into my house.
The ban happened after it was shown that the pistol could be turned into a lethal weapon resulting in the race getting started with an airhorn.
Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of the Dubai Municipality, to enthusiastic walkers in Safa Park as he blew an airhorn to mark the start of the two-week walking campaign on Saturday.
You could just make out the engineer's head in the cab of the engine, a man who had nothing to do but lay on his airhorn from time to time, a man with a nearly perfect job, though he'd be no Casey Jones.
The Dukes brothers did a good line in screeching as they launched themselves from yet another perilous drop, but the sound of the airhorn they used to tease their pursuing sheriffs was even better.
Have an airhorn in one of the driver's hand and USE IT
It weighs as much as a family car and has a similar annual mileage," Kate insisted, though they lack windscreen wipers and an airhorn.
Tournament officials did their best, too, attempting to complete the first round before darkness, but the stop-play airhorn sounded at 5:50 p.
Football is now a cultural juggernaut, an unstoppable 18-wheeler flying the flag and blaring Altogether Now from its airhorn.
The rent-a-car manager is annoyed but not amusingly so while the golfers finally swing their golf balls towards the airhorn fiends.
But then the action started for real and the atmosphere was whipped up by landlord Julian Harkins frantically beating a drum behind the bar and letting off an airhorn.