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a flighty scatterbrained simpleton

a bridgehead seized by airborne troops

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Airheads candy is manufactured in Erlanger, Kentucky by Perfetti Van Melle USA Inc.
This partnership is a great fit because both Airheads and Cap'n Crunch brands are so strong, and complement each other well," said Bob Howard, V.
There've been some appalling airhead comedies in the past few years, but this one takes the biscuit.
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Beloved confectionery manufacturer, Perfetti Van Melle, is unveiling its first-ever Airheads ice cream and cream-based frozen novelties.
Three years ago Michael Buerk was so apoplectic about the BBC's dumbed-down coverage of the Queen's Jubilee he wrote an epic rant calling it "cringingly inept" because they put in front of the camera "pneumatic birdbrains, daytime airheads and vacuous D-list celebrities" like Tess Daly.
On the screen a succession of day-time airheads preened themselves or gossiped with even more vacuous D-list celebrities.
Lloyd, 18 Three models this year (two girls + one boy) all keen to prove they're not airheads.
I'm sure that not all residents of that fine county are spray-tanned airheads with their own reality TV show, but any survey that ignores the charms of Northumberland, Inverness shire or the Vale of Conwy cannot be taken seriously.
If anyone hasn't noticed, shrieking is coincidentally a latest fad with airheads, presumably from the frenzied X Factor lot, who offer deafening support without actually listening, and if I see again a girlie do that limp-wrist hand-shaky thing to show excitement, I'll - er - simply scream?
I believe that, far from being a luxury in our lives, the arts and culture are a necessity" Actor Kevin Spacey "A piece of television for airheads, starring an airhead" Actor Charles Dance on TV show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend "Our economy has experienced a massive heart attack, with the banks at its centre.
London, Aug 13 (ANI): Gosford Park star Charles Dance has branded Paris Hilton's new show British Best Friend as "a show for airheads, starring an airhead".
How awful to reject a girl for deafness in a profession already noted for airheads and bimbos.
Now before you groan, she is nothing like the shallow airheads in TV's Footballers' Wives.
We're giving away 25 Candy Care cards with Airheads inside.
At the same time, Airheads will appreciate the superb ``Cherry Blossom Girl'' and two fine instrumentals, ``Mike Mills'' (named for the filmmaker and graphic designer) and ``Alone in Kyoto,'' used in Coppola's ``Lost in Translation.