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a flighty scatterbrained simpleton

a bridgehead seized by airborne troops

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FBI agents Marcus and Kevin Copeland (Marlon and Shawn Wayans) are assigned the role of bodyguards to two society airheads, who are prime targets for a kidnapping ring.
We're giving away 25 Candy Care cards with Airheads inside.
At the same time, Airheads will appreciate the superb ``Cherry Blossom Girl'' and two fine instrumentals, ``Mike Mills'' (named for the filmmaker and graphic designer) and ``Alone in Kyoto,'' used in Coppola's ``Lost in Translation.
So sue me if I can't get worked up over a group of airheads who wouldn't even know what that show is.
Of course, the airwaves still carry more than their fair share of TV shows that depict women primarily as curvaceous airheads.
American airheads are making more of an impression these days on British reality shows - that impression is of an American airhead - so it's probably too early today to rule Jackson out of the running.
How awful to reject a girl for deafness in a profession already noted for airheads and bimbos.
Still, I suppose they keep a lot of otherwise unemployable people off the streets and, to be fair, it's only 150 art editors, picture stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, manicurists and publicity airheads for each so-called celebrity.
Crass, contrived and achingly familiar but this tale of two black FBI agents (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) dressing as a pair of blonde society airheads is often uproariously funny.
Well, firstly, it is worth listening to just for Miriam Margolyes' voice as it slips effortlessly from simper to sincerity to sarcasm portraying characters from teenage airheads (or whatever the 19th century equivalent was) to bloated old fools.
Wireless networking is quite challenging compared to wired," said Gordon Tan, ACMX #5, ACDX #5, CWSP, CWNA, OPST, SISP, Airheads MVP Expert, head of service and support engineering at Nexwave Telecoms Pte.
George Osborne's makeover, Ed Miliband trying to eat a bacon butty, Peter Andre's Iceland ads, Vladimir Putin's name on the shortlist for the Nobel Peace Prize, Michael Buerk heading into jungle with D-list celebs after slagging off TV for being filled with "pneumatic bird-brains, daytime airheads and vacuous D-list celebrities", Prince Charles sporting 30 medals on his chest heading for a function, Simon Cowell walking through a street at night with no shirt on, and the Sydney siege selfie-takers.
A piece of television for airheads, starring an airhead" - Actor Charles Dance on TV show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend.
Heidi Klum and a whole host of airheads are charged with the task of creating a garment.