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a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air

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Rooted in the airgun industry, Crosman remains the market leader in airguns, airgun ammunition, and consumables.
The RSPCA has long been calling for stricter controls over airguns, as well as better education and explanation of the law for those buying one.
The review into airgun ownership and usage came after 13-year-old Benjamin Wragge was shot with an airgun and subsequently died in Thurston, Suffolk, on May 1, 2016.
Several manufacturers occupied some of the ranges, letting the public try their airguns.
Still primarily used for training, recreational shooting and introducing youth to the shooting sports, an increasing number of shooters are using airguns for varmint and pest control.
OWNERS of baseball bats, knives and razors are far more likely to cause you bodily harm than owners of airguns - and do MSPs really think a piece of paper will stop a moron getting their hands on an airgun?
And then there are the airguns that were never made-until some craftsman decided to build the gun he wanted.
It is not my intention to denigrate your work or knowledge of airguns.
Crosman is the exclusive world-wide licensee for Bushmaster airsoft, Marlin airguns and Marine Airsoft products and is the exclusive licensee of Nitro Piston Technology.
The new law, which comes into force on February 10, will leave owners who do not take steps to stop their airguns getting into the wrong hands open to prosecution.
AIRGUNS could be banned from Scotland's streets after an agreement between Westminster and Holyrood.
MSPs will be given the power to ban deadly airguns, we can reveal today.
THE attack on the kittens in Llanfigael you reported on August 28 is yet another example of the harm being caused by the irresponsible use of airguns.
The organisation, which campaigns for tighter controls on guns of all kinds, called for legislation to register airguns and their owners, and make them liable for the misuse of their weapons.
Huddersfield woman Raznehar Fraser is the latest to experience what airguns can do.