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a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air

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CPSC alleged that two models of Daisy airguns are defective because BBs can become lodged in the magazine of the airguns, and that though the gun appears empty, it can be fired.
The laws on airguns need to be tougher to prevent this sort of incident.''
BASC is offering airgun users a special membership category which will offer pounds 5m of insurance and the opportunity for training in the safe handling and use of airguns.
Still primarily used for training, recreational shooting and introducing youth to the shooting sports, an increasing number of shooters are using airguns for varmint and pest control.
Manufacturers don't repair action airguns as a rule.
I've written about airgun shows for this publication in the past, but this time I will address something different.
MacAskill hailed the proposed new law for licensing of airguns after meeting grieving mum Sharon McMillan, whose two-year-old son Andrew Morton was shot dead with an air rifle in 2005.
Be aware, many jurisdictions frown on airgun shooting as much as firearm shooting, so check your local laws before you do any shooting within your city's limits.
Many of their scopes are used on modern airguns and they do provide a lifetime warranty on these scopes, including for use on airguns.
If the great detective could see some of the airguns available today he'd toss Von Herder's invention in the Thames alongside the Agra treasure.
The eighth updated edition of Blue Book of Airguns offers nearly six hundred pages of detail on the latest airgun prices and values on both modern and vintage models.
TOMMY Sheridan pulled out a weapon in an East End pub yesterday to highlight the dangers of airguns.
Huddersfield woman Raznehar Fraser is the latest to experience what airguns can do.
And 64% of people injured by airguns or BB guns in North Wales are under the age of 17.
A government minister has confirmed plans for an airguns amnesty after a campaign by concerned families.