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Alcoa stated, The combination of advanced coatings and internal cooling schemes make it possible for investment cast airfoils to operate in an environment that reaches temperatures much greater than the airfoils melting point.
The continued increase in IGT volume at PCC Airfoils added to the positive sales growth, as did strong sales performance at Advanced Forming Technology.
DONCASTERS is also one of the world's largest producers of gas turbine airfoils with casting operations in Europe and finish machining operations in New England, Georgia and the UK.
The project included a new airfoil manufacturing operation to support Alcoa Howmet's growing jet aircraft and industrial gas turbine business in Europe.
Both facilities belong to the Airfoils Group of companies and manufacture complex investment cast airfoils for gas turbine manufacturers worldwide.
PCC is the market leader in manufacturing both large, complex structural investment castings and airfoil castings used in jet aircraft engines.
Geomagic Blade extends Geomagic Qualify computer-aided inspection (CAI) software to provide special features that have been tested and verified by leading turbo-machinery companies such as GE Power Systems, Honeywell, Howmet, PCC Airfoils LLC, Pratt & Whitney, Solar Turbines, Siemens and others.
Darien, Connecticut, was selected by Pratt & Whitney as the single supplier for single-crystal investment cast airfoils for the F135 propulsion system.
more than one million airfoils per year with industry-leading
In addition to the aluminum powder, Alcoa provides airfoils to the main engine of the space shuttle.
The casting will be performed at four PCC locations: PCC Airfoils, Mentor and Minerva, Ohio; PCC Structurals, Portland, Oregon; and PCC Airfoils' AETC, Ltd.
PCC Airfoils, headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, will manufacture blades and vanes for the PW4090 and PW4098 engines.
This facility manufactures high-quality fan and compressor airfoils (blades) for several aircraft engines.