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a river in northern England that flows southeast through West Yorkshire

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I was going to go for the same, traditional fold-out airer but instead I thought I'd upgrade.
When using a caravan airer which you hang out of a caravan window, put some foam insulation pipe on the airer sides which rest on the caravan.
GONE IN 60 MINUTES: They're talking about canceling Wednesday night airer "60 Minutes II," according to Broadcasting & Cable magazine.
IN reply to Pat Thompson of Newport and her You Say letter, I think the heater/clothes airer you refer to was a Flatley dryer.
NPOWER'S TIPS TO SAVE PS100 A YEAR: | Turn lights off when leaving a room and don't leave appliances on standby Defrost freezer regularly and use a steamer, instead of multiple pans, to cook veg Only fill kettle with the amount of water you need Use washing line or clothes airer instead of tumble dryer Only wash full loads and at 30C | Have showers, not baths and use an immersion heater sparingly Set hot tank thermostat at 60C DEBT Where to go for help and ways to budget better.
It works like an umbrella so it can be 'put up' quickly in the event if a sudden shower and comes with either a 30m three-arm rotary clothes airer or 40m four-arm model.
Stole a clothes airer valued at pounds 10 from a female in Alnwick on April 19.
Dunelm Mill's five-bar radiator airer certainly helps.
Back in the flat, we found we had packed far too much - Julie had thought of everything you could possibly need, down to an airer for drying clothes, cling film for making packed lunches, and even a pint of milk in the fridge for the first night.
Our Foldaway Electric Airer has six heated aluminium bars to provide an extra-large 94x51 cm drying surface.
Rotaire, in Malvern, presented its rotary washing line airer which allows people to dry washing outside when it is raining, cutting downonCO2 emissions from tumble dryer usage.
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