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breed of large wiry-coated terrier bred in Yorkshire

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The statute will pay tribute to the heroic actions of Airedale Terriers in World War I.
Our thanks to editor Rick Van Etten for featuring Airedales and to writer M.J.
LIFESAVER: Transfusions are crucial IDEAL: Airedales can help
Memorial contributions may be made to the New England Airedale Rescue (NEAR), c/o Barbara Curtiss, 3 Carter Road, Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754.
Don't discount the Airedales' tradition, and an expectation of playing into December, which the Airedales used to do on a regular basis.
The background of these dogs includes Airedale, Border Collie, Irish Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, and Corgi that I'm aware of.
Your article a couple of issues back on working Airedales really fired me up.
of Airedales? And the Airedale Anti-defamation League?
Prize-winning Airedale terrier Maltravers Galloping Gourmet had major championship and stud potential.
She added: "The dogs trained on beaches in Angus and many local people joined in and would lie in the sand dunes to be located by the Airedales.
"While I started with the breed in the show and obedience rings, I noticed how much more fun the Airedales in our breed club's hunting events had when they did field work.
This eventually led, in 2009 after a tong and sometimes seemingly futile struggle with the American Kennel Club, to Airedales being approved for eligibility in the AKC's spaniel hunt test program.
Two Airedales recently became the first in their breed's history to achieve AKC hunt test titles.
If you have never owned a dog and are considering one, "Diary of an Airedale" will provide some valuable advice on raising the new canine addition to a family, as well as a few interesting dog facts and lots of chuckles.
Donations will be to the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team and the Airedale Rescue and Adoption Association.