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breed of large wiry-coated terrier bred in Yorkshire

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Our thanks to editor Rick Van Etten for featuring Airedales and to writer M.
We'll admit we were a little nervous about putting a "non-traditional" Airedale on the cover, but the response has been positive and we're happy to help showcase the abilities of those big rascals.
Obviously, I am biased towards Airedales but they really are magnificent.
The British Red Cross asked Richardson about training Airedales to locate injured soldiers on the battlefields and when World War I began, the British Red Cross started using the breed for that purpose and to carry medical supplies.
Airedales were recruited from across the UK and some pets were donated to help the war effort.
Don't discount the Airedales' tradition, and an expectation of playing into December, which the Airedales used to do on a regular basis.
The background of these dogs includes Airedale, Border Collie, Irish Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, and Corgi that I'm aware of.
Your article a couple of issues back on working Airedales really fired me up.
Prize-winning Airedale terrier Maltravers Galloping Gourmet had major championship and stud potential.
Airedales will always surprise you, if not astound you, in the field.
My dad 'brainwashed' me into thinking that Airedales are the best breed because they could do everything--hunt, guard the family and still have the temperament to be part of the family rather than living out in a kennel or in the barn, as so many other hunting or farm dogs did in those days," she recalls.
This eventually led, in 2009 after a tong and sometimes seemingly futile struggle with the American Kennel Club, to Airedales being approved for eligibility in the AKC's spaniel hunt test program.
Scott Lichty, whose dog Bob (Regent Wasabi UD JH GN RA) was one of the first Airedales to earn a hunt test title, added, "Generally, the Airedale is a methodical hunter.
I read the article you guys did on Airedales a couple of years ago and I loved it.
And that's an Airedale, which some would not consider a hunting dog.