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breed of large wiry-coated terrier bred in Yorkshire

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Former mechanic Josh said: "I am really happy to have been asked to come and switch on the Christmas lights at the Airedale Centre and I'm looking forward to the event.
Losses and costs incurred as a result of the Airedale fire, which were not reimbursed by the Company's insurance provider, primarily related to the write-off of certain assets (leasehold improvements) destroyed by the fire.
Every road verge, every roundabout, every scrap of earth it can find in Airedale is covered in a bright yellow carpet.
Airedale International, a British manufacturer of cooling systems, announced that it has opened the doors of its new storage and testing facility in Saudi Arabia.
Leading British manufacturer of precision air conditioning, IT cooling, chiller and comfort solutions, Airedale International has launched its data centre design and maintenance training programme in the Middle East, as part of its commitment to support customers and business partners in the region.
Four-year-old Mackenna Frew was scarred for life after she was pounced on by an Airedale terrier as she walked home from her nursery class.
Bedlington, Kerry Blue and Airedale are all types of which group of dogs?
Dr Andrew Catto, from Moseley, was formerly executive medical director at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and has worked in a variety of clinical, managerial and academic roles in healthcare over 25 years.
25am yesterday, a man went into the post office on Airedale Gardens, Hetton-le-Hole, wearing a motorcycle helmet and carrying a mop handle with two Stanley knife blades attached to it.
Fab Lab Airedale lies in the Aire Valley Corridor an area still rich in manufacturing and particularly engineering, with names including Pace, Carnaud Metal Box, Kone Escalators, within a five mail radius of the site.
Using a nearby boat he rowed to Lex, an Airedale Terrier, who was stranded on an island lake, but after getting her aboard, she panicked and jumped into the water.
Consultant Dr Richard Pope presented the results of delivering care using secure video links to manage chronic illness effectively at the Kings Fund Third Annual International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare 2013 on behalf of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust in London.
Elise was known for her grace, her generous spirit, a formidable strength of character, love of the outdoors and her special airedale companion, Harriet.
The answer to this need turned out to be the Airedale.
St James's, in Leeds, and Airedale Hospital, in Keighley, obtain heat and power 24 hours a day from the CHP units which are the most energy-efficient solutions to their needs.