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breed of large wiry-coated terrier bred in Yorkshire

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Their greatest strength is their unrelenting desire to hunt," said Mark Werner, whose Airedale Hannah has three qualifying scores toward her senior hunter title.
I thought I would quite like to know how it has altered through the years and I wondered why it was called Airedale.
The Airedale may be difficult and unruly, but is not dangerous, he said.
From left: David Kettell, managing director of Airedale Tours, James Farrar of Grant Thornton, John Phillips, regional director IoD West Midlands, Charles Innes of Grant Thornton and Susan Lamb, founder of Brewood Travel
The Airedale equipment was specified because it featured the latest technology and could be accommodated in the existing classrooms with minimal effect on the structure of the school buildings," said Tom Cromwell, Managing Director for Modine's Commercial Products Group.
Stephanie, 55, earns PS16,000 a year doing shifts at Airedale.
I can only repeat what Teddy Roosevelt said: "The Airedale could do anything any other dog could do and then whip him if he has to.
Chairman Colin Peacock said: "This Airedale win confirms that our new orthotic management team can take on the best.
A spokesman said: "West Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority, in conjunction with Airedale NHS Trust, is to hold anindependent inquiry into events relating to patient care at Airedale NHS Trust between 2000 and 2002, which became subject to a police investigation.
Gregor, a 13-year-old Airedale Terrier, was pulled from the swollen Wear near the Victoria Viaduct, in Fatfield, Washington, by fire crews.
Middlesbrough-based furniture retailer Barker & Stonehouse has now stepped in to donate two leather sofas - one for Airedale General Hospital and another for Leeds General Infirmary.
Boyfriend Gordon McKenzie, 33, found her body on Thursday - faithful Airedale terrier Sophie by her side - after she failed to return.
She was taken to Airedale General Hospital, Keighley, but died on Thursday night.
Prior Information Notice: Bradford and airedale construction contractors framework.
The Airedale Heifer in Stocks Bank Road, run by Craig Powell and Robyn Pogson was judged an area winner, while the Pear Tree in Huddersfield Road, run by Alan Ingle, received a special recognition award in the annual scheme which celebrates the best of British pubs.