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the crew of an aircraft

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Kristen Pate, 379th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs (USAF note: The names of B-1B aircrew members interviewed were withheld for security reasons.)
* Participate as a regularly assigned aircrew member flying sorties into, out of, within or over the area of eligibility in direct support of the military operations.
Besides that, a robotic vehicle, unless it is fully autonomous, is most likely being remotely piloted by an aircrew member or pilot who could be a male or female human.
A gifted mathematician, he soon qualified as a navigator and was sent back to the UK a fully fledged aircrew member at the darkest point of World War Two in 1940.
This book takes us through an aircrew member's initial wish to volunteer; his initial training and the fear of being scrubbed, particularly from the pilot's course; the journey perhaps to Canada for more training, and the eventual arrival in Britain to encounter for the first time the British class system; and then, after forming into crews, to undergo the hazardous Operational Training before posting to an operational squadron.
A pilot from Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) will be the first aircrew member to be screened by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) using an advanced biometric screening system.
* A T-2 ingested an aircrew member's wallet during engine run up before takeoff.
If a task is rated a "1," then that simulated task can take the place of the aircrew member having to do the task in a real plane.
As for training under the RCF-Canada plan, any aircrew member of WWII who wore the white flash in his splitass cap will be interested to know that certain ground-crew members launched the rumour that airmen wearing a white flash suffered a social disease.
These types of displays can be used for any aircrew station, but since some aircraft have only one aircrew member (the pilot), the following discussion will focus on the pilot's displays.
One person acted as a plane captain to relay information between us in the cockpit and an aircrew member on a ladder who was the one actually checking the hydraulic level in the prop system.
WE have lost at least four colleagues who saw service during the last war: Stanley Lowe who served in the Parachute Regiment; Jim Smith ex-Royal Navy; Frank Drakeford, a former RAF aircrew member; and Charles Jones, a former Burma War veteran who also saw service in Dunkirk.
Every assessor is either a qualified aircrew member of the platform in question or a military or civilian technician specially trained for the position.
A qualified aircrew member must sit in the air-control-officer (ACO) and radar-officer (RO) seats (rear and forward seats respectively) for safety-of-flight reasons, such as firefighting.
"Although I'm not a UAS aircrew member yet, I very much look forward to being a part of such a unique and dynamic mission.
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