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a noncommissioned officer in the British Royal Air Force

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As a Senior Aircraftwoman with the RAF, she will act as an official route-liner in London during the big day on April 29.
One analyst, Senior Aircraftwoman Becky Banks, 28, of Bridlington, Yorkshire, said: "We spend all our time practising and honing our skills back at base.
But nothing she undertook as a Senior Aircraftwoman came close to the terror she felt when doctors confirmed she had breast cancer.
Well, to be fair, the Tory and Lib-Dem men wheeled out yesterday to voice their disapproval in suitably scandalised tones didn't condemn former senior aircraftwoman Stephanie Hulme per se.
The RAF last night led tribute to Miss Lovell, who was a senior aircraftwoman.
Stephanie Hulme, a former senior aircraftwoman, now dances in a London club under the stage name Kitty, earning up to pounds 500 a night, according to reports.
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