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a noncommissioned officer in the British Royal Air Force

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As a Senior Aircraftwoman with the RAF, she will act as an official route-liner in London during the big day on April 29.
One analyst, Senior Aircraftwoman Becky Banks, 28, of Bridlington, Yorkshire, said: "We spend all our time practising and honing our skills back at base.
But nothing she undertook as a Senior Aircraftwoman came close to the terror she felt when doctors confirmed she had breast cancer.
Stephanie Hulme, a former senior aircraftwoman, now dances in a London club under the stage name Kitty, earning up to pounds 500 a night, according to reports.
The RAF last night led tribute to Miss Lovell, who was a senior aircraftwoman.
Well, to be fair, the Tory and Lib-Dem men wheeled out yesterday to voice their disapproval in suitably scandalised tones didn't condemn former senior aircraftwoman Stephanie Hulme per se.
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