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If research programs that are just starting eventually reveal that such large-scale morphing is feasible, the first of those aircraft may streak across the skies 20 to 30 years from now.
MORPHER'S HELPERS Many aircraft already change their shapes in striking ways.
However, all those familiar changes follow the same paradigm: Chunks of aircraft get pushed or pulled by an actuator, be it a motor, a piston, or other device.
TWIST AND SOAR Whether or not an aircraft changes its shape, the same aerodynamic conditions govern its flight.
The airflow across wings and fuselage also exerts a force, known as drag, that resists the forward motion of the aircraft.
Police departments also should focus on seasonal trends to prepare for such contingencies as weather and amount of daylight, which may impair a response to a small aircraft accident.
2 percent of aircraft accidents occurred in the spring of the year, 34.
A small aircraft accident can produce a large number of victims and a variety of problems.
Law enforcement should treat an aircraft crash site similar to a crime scene in order to protect the integrity of the area for NTSB accident investigators.
Today's event follows the C-27J successful completion of the Early User Survey evaluations, one of the final steps before selection for the Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) program, expected in March 2007.
The C-27J aircraft performed flawlessly during the Early User Survey demonstrating to the government evaluators that this aircraft is the best value solution for the Joint Cargo Aircraft requirement," said Bob Drewes, president and chief operating officer, L-3 Communications Integrated Systems Group.
Under the terms of the Joint Cargo Aircraft program, over 100 planes will be ordered by the U.
This aircraft is a true multi-functional, military aircraft designed and built to support deployed soldiers for "the last tactical mile" in the most remote environments.
This order ensures our supply of up to 94 aircraft over the coming eight years and will allow WestJet to expand to serve an increasing number of communities.
currently operates 18 Boeing 737 jet aircraft and has announced they will be expanding their fleet to 22 by the first quarter of 2001.
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