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a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings

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DOD revealed in a statement that the aircraft-carrier "USS Carl Venison" with some 80 warplanes and choppers on board arrived in the region on Monday escorted by a barge and one destroyer, and described the mission as supportive for ongoing operations in Afghanistan.
Stennis" which was still in the region and pointed out that such mobilization of the aircraft-carrier is a "routine procedure" which has long been since been planned," and confirmed that the presence of two aircraft-carriers in the region does not indicate anything was in the offing against Iran.
PERSONNEL: About 15,000, mostly Navy, aboard two aircraft-carrier groups.
VAN NUYS - Aircraft-carrier crewmen would run for cover when A3D Skywarriors lurched in toward the flight deck, former aviator Ruben Munoz recalls.
Air Force, an aircraft-carrier version for the Navy and a short-takeoff/vertical landing version for the Marine Corps.
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