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simulator consisting of a machine on the ground that simulates the conditions of flying a plane


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(Courtesy Saudi Embassy) Prince Khaled bin Salman, the Saudi Ambassador to the US, tries the F-15SA aircraft simulator at Boeing's production facility.
AS our Olympic successes are still fresh in our memory, I would like to highlight one of this country's biggest failures: the man who was responsible for the training of BA Concorde's initial flight deck crews, most of the world's BAC One-Eleven pilots, who devised and designed the British Aircraft Corporation's first cockpit procedures trainer (BAC One-Eleven's CPT) fixed based aircraft simulator, as well as simulators and emulators for many of the worlds armed forces; including GenFly, the RAF and RAAFs most advanced maintenance training generic aircraft.
Aircraft simulator costs from PS60 for up to four people for a 30-minute slot (includes entry to the Aviation Experience for one adult.
So we have undertaken some training using an aircraft simulator."
The new development of the existing aerospace facility houses a second aircraft assembly hangar, a Jet Provost T-Mk 3 military training jet, an aircraft simulator and gas turbine maintenance workshop.
The new development houses a second aircraft assembly hangar, a military training jet, an aircraft simulator and gas turbine maintenance workshop.
While the Aircraft Simulator Maintenance tasks and activities are similar to that of the commercial aircrafts, the processes are much different and flexible.
Visitors can watch model building demonstrations and try their hand on the radio controlled model aircraft simulator.
Recently Elco International has been awarded the sub-contract for fabrication of an Aircraft Simulator (length 30.5 metres, diameter 3.5 metres and weight - 70 metric tonnes) for Petroleum Development Oman.
The new website, found at the company's original web address, is said to offer a more comprehensive menu of services and up to date information about training courses, fully interfacing with it's aircraft simulator fleet and Pan Am training locations.
The college also uses an aircraft simulator to train cabin crew on a Btec course, one of many airline courses at the premises.
The modifications included software upgrades; backwards compatibility with the Air Force LMSS; the addition of an aircraft simulator function; and for it to be modular with transit cases, greatly enhancing the deployability.
This suite will replace the school's 1950s-era FSQ-T4 EC trainer, a straight aircraft simulator that replicates the B-52.
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