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simulator consisting of a machine on the ground that simulates the conditions of flying a plane


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ANA has a fleet strength of 243 (as of November, 2014) aircrafts and every pilot is trained on aircraft simulators before commercial operations.
The arrival of the aircraft simulator in Ibn Batutta mall coincides with Arabian Travel Market (ATM), the largest travel and tourism event in the Middle East where Etihad Airways will be hosting one of this year's largest exhibition stands.
The college also uses an aircraft simulator to train cabin crew on a Btec course, one of many airline courses at the premises.
Existing DMT trainers include an F-15 and an F-16 four-ship trainer, and an AWACS early-warning and control aircraft simulator.
Mike Jansen's first attempt at flying - in a computerized aircraft simulator - the 1903 Wright Flyer ended much the same way as Wilbur Wright's first attempt.
The modifications included software upgrades; backwards compatibility with the Air Force LMSS; the addition of an aircraft simulator function; and for it to be modular with transit cases, greatly enhancing the deployability.
They had to drag hoses through an aircraft simulator to rescue dummy victims from the flames and then tackle a large wall of fire.
Visitors can enjoy model building demonstrations and try their hand on the radio controlled model aircraft simulator.
During the author's visit, the fire station undertook one of its weekly drills using the aircraft simulator to create a real inferno known as a 'hot fire'.
As part of a project requirement as an electronics engineer, Al Baloushi designed a C160 Aircraft Simulator but due to its unique features and success, he was encouraged to take part in additional projects.
Among the celebrities' wishes were requests to go to the Oscars (George Galloway), to try an aircraft simulator (Michael Barrymore) and to become a pop star (Chantelle).
She visited Anglesey to experience the Hawk aircraft simulator to prepare her for the flight with the Red Arrows.
Among the celebrities' wishes was a request to go to the Oscars (George Galloway), to try an aircraft simulator (Michael Barrymore) and to become a pop star (Chantelle).
Students used their newly-installed aircraft simulator to take the youngsters on the magical trip.
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