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the engine that powers and aircraft

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[3.] Brown, G., "Weights and Efficiencies of Electric Components of a Turboelectric Aircraft Propulsion System," 49th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Including the New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition, Apr.
At Turbo Expo '11 in Vancouver last June, IGTI's Aircraft Engine Committee sponsored our first session on "Volcanic Ash Effects on Aircraft Propulsion Systems."
The company was founded in 1946 by Richard H H Barr OBE and the late Geoffrey R White after both worked with Sir Frank Whittle in the Power Jets Design Team during the Second World War - pioneering the use of the gas turbine for use in aircraft propulsion. Centrax comprises two manufacturing divisions -- the gas turbine division (GTD) and Turbine Components Limited (TCL) employing approximately 700 people including those working in European depots.
As late as 1940, the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics had decided that "they were unsuitable for aircraft propulsion, and research had been discontinued" (p.
Babu (mechanical engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) has written this textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in aerospace and mechanical engineering who need to master such aircraft propulsion concepts as gas dynamics, turbomachinery and the practical design aspects of aircraft engines.
Its compact design and simpler motor control logic coupled with an infinitely variable torque/levitation ratio makes it an attractive tool for use in pharmaceutical centrifuges, compact industrial grinders, milling machines and high power density motors for aircraft propulsion.
In terms of applications or markets, we delineate electric power generation, aircraft propulsion, marine, and other end uses.
The two-year course covers a wide range of aeronautical and general engineering modules including the theory of flight, aircraft propulsion systems, gas turbine engines hydraulics and airframe systems.
It's quite simple, which is a good thing when you're talking about aircraft propulsion systems."
The Halon Alternatives for Aircraft Propulsion Systems (HAAPS) consortium has announced it has released a non-government Request-for-Information (RFI) that seeks potential suppliers to assist in developing an appropriate, environmentally acceptable replacement for Halon 1301, the company said.
Dr A A Griffith at the Royal Aircraft Establishment started research work on axial-flow gas turbines for aircraft propulsion in 1926, several years before Sir Frank Whittle commenced his work (Letters, PE January).
There was much interest in internal-combustion gas turbines and some early attempts at development, but of course the ability to design efficient compressors and turbines, together with the lack of materials able to retain strength at high temperatures, made turbine engines that were suitable for aircraft propulsion impractical.
* Federal programs should recognize that retaining national leadership in aircraft propulsion demands a program balanced between near-term needs, driven by market forces, and longer-term, transformational national goals.
BAE Systems, formed from the merger of Marconi Electronic Systems and British Aerospace, has established Project Greenglow to look at new methods of aircraft propulsion.
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