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the central body of an airplane that is designed to accommodate the crew and passengers (or cargo)

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They cover GNSS antenna performance parameters; fixed reception pattern antennas and high-gain directional antennas; multiband, handset, and active GNSS antennas; adaptive GPS antennas; ground plane, aircraft fuselage, and other platform effects on GPS antennas; measuring characteristics of GNSS antennas; and antennas and site considerations for precise applications.
It has been supplying titanium metal for aircraft fuselage and factory equipment since 2010.
AIDC) has announced an expansion plan, calling for investing NT$6 billion (US$200 million) within five years to build military aircraft maintenance hangars, aircraft engine housing plants, maintenance centers, commercial aircraft fuselage milling plants, as well as a five-axis machine project, all of which is expected to raise revenue from NT$22.
THE other day I read an article about someone converting an old aircraft fuselage into a novel holiday chalet.
It later emerged that the explosives discovered at East Midlands and in Dubai were at least 50 times more potent than would be needed to blow a hole in an aircraft fuselage.
A specially built 80ft aircraft fuselage and tail section featured in the simulated aftermath of the crash.
metal plate twice the thickness of an aircraft fuselage.
Summary: The cargo plane bombs were more than capable of blowing a hole in an aircraft fuselage, officials have said.
The machines will be used at the company's new facility in Peterhead to clean the aircraft fuselage of the European Typhoon.
A hulking Air Force C-17 aircraft fuselage is now in its final resting place just off of Sisisky Boulevard following a 32-day, segmented movement from the west coast.
The cadets were left with a problem when the vehicle they normally use for towing a Harrier aircraft fuselage - the centrepiece of their display - was unavailable.
One of the three boots came off after approximately seven hours of flying, resulting in a dent on the aircraft fuselage.
Model 9732-UAV can be installed virtually anywhere on an aircraft fuselage, at any angle of attack, raked forward or aft, and any orientation of the sensor air gap.
Thieves have stolen aircraft fuselage parts worth pounds 27,000.
A train carriage, aircraft fuselage and bank to simulate hijackings and robberies have also been included.
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