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the engine that powers and aircraft

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Imbourg began his career at Snecma, now Safran Aircraft Engines (SAE), in 1998 as part of the commercial turbine design team in the engineering division.
In order to decrease its dependence on Western suppliers for its aviation industry, China has set up an aircraft engine maker owned by the government, the country's media (http://news.
With more than 175,000 engines sold in 40 years, Rotax aircraft engines outperform the light sport and ultra-light aircraft market.
Combat aircraft engine and Other aircraft engines are expected to account for 46.
This will create demand for some 6,500 aircraft engines worth 65 billion U.
It's what he said next that seemed like an oversimplification at best, and misdirection, at worst: "You don't know how aircraft engines work, either, and I don't.
Rolls-Royce is joining forces with the Mubadala investment fund to set up a new joint venture to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services for aircraft engines, primarily in North Africa and the Middle East.
Volvo Aero has a role in most large aircraft engines, but the GEnx involvement is the largest the company has ever had in a commercial engine.
TES currently manages a portfolio of aircraft engine assets for clients, valued in excess of pounds 1bn and in addition is making significant investments in aircraft engines and aircraft engine parts.
GE Aircraft Engines expects revenues in 2006 to reach a record $12.
Above right, Westinghouse jet aircraft engines designed and built for the Navy circa 1945 include a turbojet for the XFD-1, at left in photo.
The addition of Pratt & Whitney, a world leader in the design of military aircraft engines, strengthens Northrop Grumman's efforts to develop a computer-controlled, unmanned bomber that meets the needs of both the U.
GE Aircraft Engines and Emirates, the United Arab Emirates (UAE)'s national airline, have signed a combined spare engine sales and service programme agreement valued at $1bn.
One of the industry users of the system, the General Electric Aircraft Engines Company, has predicted a resultant 55 percent reduction in engine analysis time.
PCC manufactures investment castings for aircraft engines, airframes and gas turbine engines.
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