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the theory and practice of navigation through air or space

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In a textbook on aircraft design, Raymer integrates design layout and design analysis in manner that reflects the actual process of designing an aircraft.
The paper is organized as follows: first, the aircraft design problem is described and design mission profile and weight sizing module are presented; second, the optimization problem is described along with objective function and constraints; third, the GA methodology for aircraft design optimization is presented; fourth, the results of the GA optimization are reported and compared; and finally, the conclusions and implications of the study are discussed.
Dassault Systemes (Paris:DSY.PA), a provider of 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock Up and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, on Thursday announced the selection by Elixir Aircraft, a French aviation start-up, of its 3DEXPERIENCE platform to develop the industry's first aircraft designed using cloud-based applications.
Norton focused on bomber aircraft designs that evolved into the development and test phase.
RESEARCH pioneered by Cardiff University's School of Engineering and Haydale could have significant future implications for lighter aircraft design and green aviation technology.
Research pioneered by Cardiff University's School of Engineering and South Wales company Haydale could have significant future implications for lighter aircraft design and green aviation technology.
Though missiles briefly travel hypersonically they do not return in the same piece as which they were launched so the rocket powered X-15 would be a pioneering aircraft design. The X-15 design proposal request called for an aircraft which could fly in the hypersonic flight regime to gather data for future aircraft designs but also fly transonically as well as subsonically.
Advanced aircraft design; conceptual design, analysis, and optimization of subsonic civil airplanes.
The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ( HAL) is looking for a tie- up with British Aerospace Ltd to carry out design consultancy to determine its stall and spin factor, a key component of aircraft design.
In response to evolving operational and environmental conditions, weight reduction has become a critical element in aircraft design and has created an increasing customer demand for weight-conscious sealing components.
Mr Mackay will be joined by Dave Southwood, tutor at the Empire Test Pliots School as judges at IT FLIES, the Merlin Flight Simulation Group's Aircraft Design and Handling Competition.
ALMOST pounds 28million has been invested in aircraft design in Belfast.
Fundamentals of aircraft and airship design; v.1: Aircraft design.
The conception of the Pegasus engine upset all the conventions of aircraft design, as it was customary for aircraft designers to seek a suitable engine, whereas this was an engine which sought an aircraft.
The competition, run by the Royal Aeronautical Society's Flight Simulation Group and Merlin Flight Simulation, is designed to find students in the UK with expertise in aircraft design, handling and simulation.
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