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a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings

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Navy has battle groups built around massive aircraft carriers that no other nation has so far been able to challenge in terms of raw military power and the ability to project it across the globe.
The Navy already has a fleet of 12 of these Kamov-31 choppers which sanitise the air space around the aircraft carriers and destroyers operating in open seas.
He also told an audience in Tehran that the Islamic Revolution had so curtailed American power that US commanders had even announced that US aircraft carriers are now no more than scrap iron.
Work is currently underway to develop systems that can also be used on modern aircraft carriers. For example, we are working on special modifications of new aircraft launch systems," he told TASS.
However, the manner in which this plan will be implemented remains shrouded in mystery as China has offered limited insights on how these aircraft carriers will be used.
China had no aircraft carriers until 2012 when its first one, the Liaoning, was commissioned, adding to the evidence that China's pursuit of military development has been in synch with its overall economic expansion, according to an article published in Global Times here on Monday.
-- The first aircraft carrier to accommodate the F-35C Lightning II, USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) got underway for sea trails May 9 following a four-year refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) at Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Virginia.
Aircraft Carriers traces the development of the aircraft carrier from the early days of aviation to today, where the aircraft has become a centerpiece of American diplomacy.
With a crew of around 2,000 and bringing enormous firepower, the largest aircraft carrier in Europe, France's Charles De Gaulle docked at Limassol on Sunday.
Only 12 countries maintain active aircraft carriers, and very few have more than one.
THE final 750-tonne section of the Royal Navy's second flagship aircraft carrier has arrived at Rosyth after a journey of more than 1,300 miles.
(LTI) on Monday, April 20, 2015 to see firsthand how the company supports the production of aircraft carriers and to learn about materials testing and calibration services.
The two ships are known as Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers and are being built by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA), impression of Queen Elizabeth, 45 destroyer a partnership of BAE Systems, Babcock, Thales and the MoD.
Navy operates 19 ships that could be called aircraft carriers, but only considers 10 to be actual carriers.
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