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a subsonic jet airliner operated over short distances

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Following the maiden flight Captain Gunzel said: "The A319 behaved perfectly and confirmed the high standard of Airbus Industrie technology.
Airbus Director International Cooperation Swaminathan Dwarakanath said: "If Airbus Industrie finds right partners and the right projects, the company plans an expenditure of about one billion dollars in India over the next ten years.
Airbus Industrie has announced that SriLankan Airlines will receive the global award for Operational Excellence among all small airlines that operate the Airbus A340 aircraft.
The news came as Airbus Industrie lowered its delivery forecast for 2002 to 315 aircraft from a previously estimated 413 following the crisis to hit the aircraft industry post September 11.
Boeing has recently been emphasising the importance of deliveries over orders, following the Paris air show when Airbus Industrie announced 155 orders while Boeing announced only three, reported The Associated Press.
Airline productivity jumped in 1970 with the arrival of the Boeing 747 - more than twice the size of its predecessor," said Mr Jack Schofield, chairman of Airbus Industrie of North America.
It is the first time for Airbus Industrie to be questioned by commissioned authorities.
Airbus Industrie envisages an annual market of 24 large business jets, and aims to win half of this business.
We are extremely honored to have been selected to provide the visual systems for the two new A330/340 simulators ordered by Airbus Industrie," said E&S Commercial Simulation Managing Director David Rushton.
John Leahy, the chief commercial officer of European aircraft manufacturer Airbus Industrie, has said that he expects the company's annual deliveries to surpass those of rival Boeing Co for the first time during 2003.
The company's existing customers include Airbus Industrie, Aerospatiale, CERN, DaimlerChrysler, Lucent Technologies and Nortel Networks.
SAS had announced in February that it was in talks with Airbus Industrie about a possible order for twelve A321s, with an option for another ten planes.
Spirit Airlines recently announced orders for 35 new aircraft with Airbus Industrie with options to buy 50 more.
Airbus Industrie, the European aircraft manufacturer, has received an order from International Lease Finance Corp (ILFC) for 111 new aircraft.
Belgian aerospace company Belairbus and the European consortium Airbus Industrie have concluded a framework agreement for collaboration on the future launch of the A3XX super-jumbo aircraft.