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an atomizer to spray paint by means of compressed air

paint with an airbrush

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Singer's approach also guarantees the heterogeneity of her painting: It has absorbed other, related art forms--including airbrush technique, used primarily in the auto industry and for body painting--in what art historian David Joselit has described as an externalization of the medium.
50]s on German cockroaches with the airbrush application from this study and the results from Szumlas' hand-held spray bottle study (2002) indicates that the airbrush technique presented here is an effective method for delivering a measurable dose of dishwashing liquid or cleaner as a toxicant to German cockroaches.
Dember's class on airbrush technique is the only one taught in the county's three community colleges, said Eva Conrad, executive vice president for student learning at Moorpark College.
Products of a virtuoso airbrush technique, they are precisely calibrated to thwart their own voyeuristic promise, rewarding an intimate viewership with nothing more than a paltry smattering of paint flecks supported by a faint pencil-line scaffolding.
For example there's the very popular airbrush technique to paint different patterns and colours, as well as gel and acrylic fibreglass systems.
Close retained the extra-large, extra-loud format of Action Painting, but chose to make the quietest, least substantial marks within it; he used neutral tones of watery gray and, except for certain fine adjustments, his airbrush technique enabled him to avoid touching the canvas directly.
Each chapter includes a Q&A with the artist, allowing readers to understand the artist and the airbrush techniques they work with.
Muller will be teaching the participants in the expert seminars how to use complex airbrush techniques.