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moved or conveyed by or through air

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Airbourne, attended by thousands of spectators, included a display by the UK's only working Vulcan bomber.
It's devastating to see this happen, particularly so close to Airbourne.
Airbourne obliged by bringing the Academy to boiling point - but not before openers The Treatment and Orange Goblin had started the eardrums ringing.
Inspired by the likes of Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC and Motorhead, Airbourne has been winning fans since 2003 with their high energy, whiplash-inducing working man's rock 'n' roll.
Mr Hammond commented that there was no specific airbourne threat they were dealing with at London 2012 at the moment and the exercise was only for preparations purposes.
Lufthansa has calculated that by using biofuel on the service it will reduce airbourne CO2 emissions by up to 38 tons, equivalent to the CO2 released by six services between Frankfurt and Berlin.
Burns will be airbourne next month, to New Zealand or otherwise.
For their first visit to Newcastle in 10 years, they were backed by a decent support in Airbourne.
Melbourne, July 18 (ANI): Lady Gaga, who is presently on tour in Sydney, has revealed that she is a big fan of the Australian band Airbourne.
All Sailors benefited the first day from a class on the International Law of Armed Conflict and then the group was split in two with half of the Sailors heading to the Italian Airbourne School near Pisa for a three-day class on air-pallet pack-out and the remainder staying on in Rome to earn NATO material handling equipment certifications.
He was a WWII Army Veteran serving with the 82nd airbourne.
Just a couple weeks before the tour launched, word came in that Airbourne couldn't commit due to health reasons.
These everyday landscapes are edited to point out the bizarre nature of capitalism unbound: a row of shipment receptacles stand guard on a street corner (USPS, UPS, Airbourne, TBS and FedExi [printed 2008]); a tired older couple shares a bench with a monstrous stuffed animal in an amusement park (Cedar Point Sandusky, OH [printed 2008]); and a lawn ornament nativity unfolds on the hood of an old car (Jesus on a GMC [2006/08]).
Emergency services on site immediately tended to the injured members of the RAF Falcons parachute team at the Airbourne show in Eastbourne, East Sussex, at 12.