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the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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The AirFuel Developer Program includes online and hands-on support to help foster innovation and create a broader ecosystem of commercialized products and public infrastructure solutions, beginning with Resonant technology.
Gupta headed product management and development at WiTricity, where he played a key role in engineering and bringing to market the worlds first AirFuel compliant wireless charging laptop, and at MC10, where he led the creation of epidermal electronics, i.
AirFuel Alliance members represent parts of the wireless charging value chain -- from semiconductors and components to automotive and consumer electronics -- and are using inductive, resonant and future technologies to create innovative products and breakdown wireless power transfer barriers.
In comparison to the blend, some airfuel mixture remains unburned, which can be inferred from the significantly higher CO level in the exhaust gas when alkylate petrol is used.
The airfuel ratio control is designed for use without an oxygen sensor, allowing as high as a 278 psi bmep rating that supplies high power density while meeting [NO.
The unit's 4Y engine features an exclusive closed-loop fuel system design that automatically adjusts and optimizes the airfuel mixture ratio.
The brochure says the systems maximize emissions control efficiency by maintaining the proper airfuel ratio over varying engine loads, speeds, fuel quality, ambient temperatures and barometric pressures.
In order to meet the stringent Euro3 exhaust emission levels, the catalyst is uprated, the airfuel ratio sensor modified and special multi-hole fuel-injectors fitted.
x] control in 1981, it became necessary to control airfuel ratio within narrower limits about stoichiometric than could be expected from such a carburetor.
The result was a 25 percent increase in reheating capacity and a decrease in fuel consumption of 50 percent versus oxy-enrichment and 65 percent versus airfuel.
AirFuel Alliance, the authority on wireless power technology and standards, has put the strategic building blocks in place to ensure it can support the next-generation Resonant-based and RF-based wireless charging solutions needed to deliver the best end-user experience possible, the company said.
AirFuel Alliance, the authority on wireless power technology and standards, is continuing to drive wireless charging adoption and market momentum with the launch of real-world, commercialized products and solutions in Asia and around the world.
5), because and important part of the consumed energy in initiation of the airfuel ignition dissipates into needed energy for vaporizing fuel's water.