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Air2Web plans to support the Pocket PC, IBM Lotus Instant Messaging (formerly Lotus Sametime), and Jabber by the end of 2003.
Air2Web is excited about partnering with BellSouth to offer seamless wireless solutions for customers," said Sanjoy Malik, president and CEO of Atlanta-based Air2Web.
Air2Web maintains connections with hundreds of wireless carriers, using numerous network standards to give businesses the widest possible audience.
Arketi was eager to work with Air2Web to design a website that reflected the company's energy in a contemporary, yet corporate manner," said Rory Carlton, principal of Arketi Group.
Velti will pay consideration of approximately USD19m in cash for Air2Web and expects to keep in excess of USD12m of annualised revenue from the acquisition.
As Colbert points out, "We chose Air2Web because we know they get our
1m, 19mType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash & StockStatus: AgreedComment: The USD19m deal size refers to Air2Web.
Acxiom's Impact-X[TM] Mobile offers large B2C companies an integrated set of mobile messaging capabilities, enabled by Air2Web, to help maximize marketing capabilities in the mobile channel for better customer life cycle management (CLM).
Today Air2Web helps numerous companies, including many of those attending the Executive MindXchange event, to apply mobile technology to their customer care not only to reduce service costs but to increase customer satisfaction, retention and revenues, as well.
ATLANTA -- Air2Web has developed the AirCARE[TM] EnterpriseAGENT[TM] to help large-scale B2C companies acquire and integrate critical customer data from their enterprise systems into the mobile channel.
Using the Air2Web DirectTEXT solution Commonwealth's customers now have the ability to opt-in online to receive product alerts and promotional offers made on the website as soon as they are announced.
Now, Residents can receive Mobile alerts with new job and CE opportunities, powered by Air2Web.
Air2Web Gives Grand Slam Mobile "Best-in-Class" Carrier Connectivity and Support for Their Clients
Air2Web offers the ability to easily integrate mobile into your enterprise platform environment with Air2Web's DirectTEXT for high volume messaging.
Mobile coupons provide Domino's Pizza with the ability to target prospective consumers who are most likely to respond to an offer," said Curtis Rapp, vice president of sales and marketing for Air2Web.