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BellSouth and Air2Web will participate in joint marketing, sales and application development to deliver these solutions."
BellSouth recently accepted a position on Air2Web's board of directors and both companies serve as technology advisors to one another.
Velti will pay consideration of approximately USD19m in cash for Air2Web and expects to keep in excess of USD12m of annualised revenue from the acquisition.
According to the company, Air2Web's technology and data reach are complementary to its mGage platform.
Enterprise mobile platform provider Air2Web helped broadband service provider ADC deploy a wireless field-force solution that increased productivity of ADC's 200 North American sales representatives by 6 to 10%.
ADC evaluated several wireless start-ups before selecting the privately-held Air2Web to help it minimize the number of computing and communications devices its sales personnel needed in their jobs.
That means, if you want to communicate with all of these groups, you have to be logged into multiple networks," says Air2Web CTO Dale Gonzalez.
Air2Web plans to support the Pocket PC, IBM Lotus Instant Messaging (formerly Lotus Sametime), and Jabber by the end of 2003.
"Our partnership with Air2Web will allow us to provide our clients' customers the most convenient access to their financial information and transactions on a nationwide basis," says Donner.
Air2Web maintains connections with hundreds of wireless carriers, using numerous network standards to give businesses the widest possible audience.
As a result of the Air2Web transaction, Velti expects to retain annual revenues of more than USD12m.
It supports a broad range of campaign types including surveys, contests, transactional messages and promotional copy; has a dedicated, customisable short code or shared short code options; query and reporting capabilities that provide marketers with the status of a message, individual response rates and return of messages sent to bad numbers; enforces double opt-in process as required by wireless carriers; and its API-based interface allows easy connection to other applications.A Lyris HQ Mobile is available as an API-based solution and the company has partnered with Air2Web to help provide SMS to Lyris HQ customers.
UK mobile marketing and advertising technology company Velti plc (NASDAQ:VELT) said it had agreed to buy US mobile customer relationship management (mCRM) solutions firm Air2Web for USD19m (EUR14.1m) in cash.