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a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities

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They should seriously think of building air-raid shelters anyway.
Some of the public air-raid shelters in the streets were built of brick and held together with lime mortar.
The factory siren sounded only when Cardiff was being bombed; we would then hurry to the works' air-raid shelters.
BEFORE the outbreak of the Second World War all households had air-raid shelters delivered.
Air raid shelters demolished at last REDCAR residents in 26 homes applied to have their air-raid shelters demolished at the invitation of Redcar Council and last ones to come down were in the back gardens of properties in Sandringham Road.
In 1944, during the war the area that is now the station, was a large sunken area with lines of brick air-raid shelters.
As air-raid shelters they were wet, cold and the only time I think my neighbours and I used the them was when Manors station was bombed and a raid at Westerhope.