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a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities

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"So many people bought a small table top tree, like this one, with simple decorations that could be easily moved into an air-raid shelter if necessary."
Workers dig trenches to build air-raid shelters in Birkenhead Park as the threat of war loomed exactly 80 years ago, in September, 1938
They should seriously think of building air-raid shelters anyway.
Bunk beds on hand in air-raid shelters THE provision of bunk beds in air raid shelters in Thornaby was under discussion by the local ARP.
Stan also remembers the air-raid shelters. "Some of the public air-raid shelters in the streets were built of brick and held together with lime mortar.
The factory siren sounded only when Cardiff was being bombed; we would then hurry to the works' air-raid shelters.
BEFORE the outbreak of the Second World War all households had air-raid shelters delivered.
Air raid shelters demolished at last REDCAR residents in 26 homes applied to have their air-raid shelters demolished at the invitation of Redcar Council and last ones to come down were in the back gardens of properties in Sandringham Road.