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Synonyms for airmail

letters and packages that are transported by aircraft

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a system of conveying mail by aircraft

send or transport by airmail

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(10.) Raymond Clapper, "Air-Mail Action Viewed as End of Subsidies for Favored Few," Washington Post, Feb.
Air-cargo space was tight and the overflow of air-mail letters clogged warehouses and docks, waiting to be tossed onto ships.
Di wrote 62 letters during their affair, each one penned on blue air-mail paper and posted to the Army bases where Hewitt was stationed.
Perry, as he was called, had been a daredevil who as a schoolboy had torn up back roads on a home-made propeller-driven wind buggy; dropped out of college to join the fledgling Army Air Service; and, with Air Cadet buddies Philip Love and Charles Lindbergh, launched air-mail service between St.
His dog Jet's paws were measured and the templates were air-mailed to New Zealand, and the boots were ready within a week.