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It came with a 1586 cc air-cooled engine producing 60-hp, dual circuit brakes, 12-volt electrics, semi-automatic transmission and a sophisticated rear suspension.
But a lot of experience has shown that maximum engine longevity can be obtained when a conventional air-cooled engine is managed to maintain cylinder head temperatures of no greater than 400 deg.
Powered by the Briggs Vanguard air-cooled engine, it is the lightest 18 in the industry at 135 pounds.
The new Karizma series is still powered by the same Honda derived 223cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that has powered the bike since its first version.
The bike packs 150cc, single cylinder; air-cooled engine, which can churn out a power of 14.4PS and a peak torque of 12.8Nm.
The Beetle featured a flat-four air-cooled engine mounted in the rear and driving the rear wheels.
Retaining the same air-cooled engine, this was an astonishingly mature little coupe.
The goal is to achieve a specific power of 3.28kW/kg (2hp/lb), with a successful test in this quarter expected to lead to the development and fabrication of a flight weight version of the air-cooled engine, which is called Enduro-core and will use diesel.
Unusually, this car is powered by the same air-cooled engine that can be found in Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic Spirit of St Louis aeroplane.
The four-stroke, air-cooled engine has a 49 cc displacement and a recoil start.
It was fitted with the 1,015 cc Citroen GS model's flat-four air-cooled engine which gave it a lowly 53.5 bhp.
Based on a widened VW Beetle chassis and powered by a 1200 cc air-cooled engine, the Karmann Ghia could creep up to 60mph in a sluggish 25 seconds.
Ideal for work, trail riding and bowhunting, the Xpedition 325 has a powerful 325 cubic inch, air-cooled engine and a suspension that will provide seven full inches of travel to ensure that you have plenty of power with a comfortable ride.
They can be very simple, like the inside of a short, straight tube, or they can be very complex, such as those used to define the inside water jacket surfaces of an internal combustion engine or the internal and external configurations of an air-cooled engine.
The vehicle is to be powered by the same 124.6cc air-cooled engine. It is 36mm longer, 3mm wider and 19mm taller than the BS-4 version.